How Does Yoga Or Pranayama Cure L4, L5 Disc Protrusion

By Patricia | November 14, 2008
Yoga For L4\, L5 Disc Protrusion

How Do Backaches Occur

Backaches are among the most common problems besetting people, particularly in the cities, these days. They are, for the most part, owing to stress and tension in the muscles that support our backbone. Stresses, a sedentary lifestyle, improper use of back muscles are some of the triggers of this prevalent issue. This L4\, L5 disc protrusion is also the result of some postural defect and wrong lifestyle habits over a period of time. Fortunately Yoga, if done on a regular basis, is a great and probably sole saving grace for permanent respite from backaches.

When you put your muscles under too much tension and stress, or even due to constant fatigue, backaches are bound to come. They are chiefly in lumbar region or in the region of the neck. We twist, turn and bend mostly in these two places. Repeated backache complaints are, as we said, owing to overstressed or overworked muscles. Recurring backache are also the result of wrong sitting posture, continued, prolonged physical, mental and emotional stress or lumbar scoliosis. Sometimes, of course, they are the result of past injuries

Fortunately, all backaches are easily treatable with a little help from Yoga and back massage therapy. Mindful and moderate Yoga practices have proven to be the safest bet, as well as the most efficient means of easing a number of backaches, be they upper, middle or lower backaches. Best of all, the regular practice of Yoga helps prevent repetitions.

Healing Benefits Of Yoga For Backaches

  • Each and every Yoga practice helps tone up all groups of muscles. But the majority yoga postures are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back and abdomen. They teach you to continue correct movement and upright postures. Relaxation and stretching exercises help to lower levels of stress in the muscles if you do them regularly.
  • Yoga is particularly great for getting rid of lower backaches. It achieves this through stretching exercises and poses. In the process, it also strengthens the lower back muscles and perks up blood circulation. This improved blood circulation ferries the all-important nutrients to the damaged back tissues. Yoga poses also help you to retain natural curvature of your spine, something so crucial if you wish to prevent lower backaches.
  • Finally, Yoga drastically lowers your one’s risk of disability as a result of those cumbersome and painful backaches.

The following Yoga Program Is Bound To Help

Yoga Postures:

Breathing Exercises:

  • Mild Kapalabhatti (Skull-Cleansing Breath)
  • followed by as many rounds of Anuloma-Viloma (Alternate Nostril Breathing) as you are comfortable with

Health Tip:

Avoid forward bending poses. In fact you should avoid bending forward at all times, as well as hard, exhausting work and exercises. This includes Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation.

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