Yoga Has No Bearing On Weight It Aim At Consistency And Regularity Of Practice

By Patricia | January 21, 2009
Yoga For Underweight Individuals

Is It Ok For Someone Whose Underweight To Do Yoga

Yoga has no bearing on your weight – under or over. What matters is that you understand the discipline and practice accordingly. You can achieve the unattainable through the regular practice of Yoga no matter what your weight. What matters is the consistency and regularity of your practice.

Yoga works closely with other Indian sciences such as Ayurveda and subscribes to their thoughts and beliefs as well. Ayurveda believes in the tridosha (three humors) concept, such as vata, pitta and cuffa. Roughly translated into English they mean wind humor, bile humor and phlegm humor. The ultimate aim of Ayurveda is to bring about a balance and harmony between these three humors. Yoga subscribes to this view and, in the case of under-weight people, aims at suppressing the bile humor that is supposedly the main cause of leanness due to the heat it generates.

Naturally, too much heat anywhere, burns everything around. Likewise, in the body, too much of bile generates heat and causes the cells to burn. That is supposed to be main cause of people being underweight. To this extent, Yoga prescribes a predominantly cooling diet consisting of curd and yoghurt with rice in a bid to keep the system cool while discouraging heaty beverages such as chocolate, tea and coffee. Yoga also prescribes certain specific pranayamas (breathing techniques) such as Sitali and Sitkari. These breathing techniques help cool the body and are more prescribed, for all, during the hot tropical summers. Under-weight people should also avoid doing too many warm-up exercises like Surya Namaskar (sun Salutation).

Yoga is a complete, holistic Science and Art of Living that has something for everyone, regardless of age, size, gender, race or weight. In fact, obese and overweight people take up Yoga to lose weight while under-weight ones take up the practice to help gain weight. Likewise, there is Yoga Therapy for myriad illnesses, for a host of disorders afflicting men, women and children. In the same manner the elders have devised a special program of Yoga for Senior Citizens.

Yoga is a total health science aimed at bringing about union between the different systems of the body as one. That done, Yoga aims to bring about harmony between the body, mind and emotions. Finally, the ultimate aim of Yoga is to bring about a union between the jivatma (individual self) and Paramatma (Supreme Self). Yoga postulates the importance of good health – for all, regardless of any parameters – for attaining supreme bliss called moksha, nirvana, mukti, kaivalya or liberation.

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