Yoga Asanas To Improve Posture For Stiff Muscles

By Patricia | January 2, 2009
Yoga Stretching Tips

Stretching Yoga Tips To Becoming More Flexible

Yoga is by far the most complete workout for your body. Whether physical, mental or emotional stress, Yoga is a sure-shot formula to relieve most of your daily bodily imbalances. Yoga Asanas or poses being more physical in nature, specifically help to improve your posture, build your core muscles; develop a strong muscular-skeletal system, and increase mobility and flexibility.

A muscular body when toned and flexible becomes even more attractive and active. You can also experience higher energy levels. Yoga can prove to be the perfect tool for your muscular body type. All you need is a proper stretching regime. Yoga accentuates the importance of stretching through its various Asanas (poses). If done daily with concentration and motivation, you will experience a new high in your fitness lifestyle.

An amazing aspect of Yoga Asanas (poses) is that different poses work on various body parts and muscle groups. Also Yoga stretching exercises will help in extending your muscles thus improving blood circulation and at the same time make your muscles leaner. Stretched muscles imply less stiffening of the body and strengthening of the core body parts.

Here are some of the easy stretching exercises with Yoga. You can start with the Seated Cross-Leg Breathing Pose. It is one of the fundamental poses in Yoga and forms an important part of stretching. It’s really simple; just start by sitting in a cross-legged position on the edge of a cushion or pillow. Make sure you extend your tailbone and maintain a correct posture. Next take a deep breath and inhale deeply, expanding your chest region and then slowly exhale and relax. Take 5 deep breaths and repeat.

Another easy stretching posture is the Mountain Pose. This is one of the preferred stretching exercises of all yoga enthusiasts. What makes it so popular is that it simultaneously works on various muscle groups and provides instant relief to your body. Begin the stretching exercise by standing with your feet slightly apart, directly proportionate to your hips. Now stretch your tailbone to uphold the right posture and relax your shoulders. Slowly raise your chin and extend it till the top of your head. Take 5 to 10 breaths and then relax. This pose is definitely a one-of-a-kind exercise, which helps to stimulate you, both physically and mentally. Firstly, it helps in working on your spine, pelvic and neck regions. Secondly, it helps in maintaining a proper balance and improves your breathing.

Another beneficial exercise for toning up the muscles and giving them a good definition would be the Standing Side Bend. Start this pose by standing approximately 2-½ feet apart with your toes slightly raised. Now slowly keep your right hand on the right thigh while lengthening your tailbone. Inhale with your left arm raised and slightly bent over your right side. Exhale and relax taking 3 to 5 deep breaths. Now repeat the same exercise with your right arm.

These are just some of the easy poses, which can be performed to make your body flexible, mobile and truly agile. With daily practice and self discipline one can surely find concrete results with Yoga.

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