Dhyana (Meditation) Yoga For Physical And Emotional Health

By Patricia | February 18, 2009
Dhyana Yoga For Overall Health

How much time is needed to achieve meditation and how much influential is it for mental health?

Meditation is also known as Dhyana and is excellent for both physical and emotional health. There is so much going on around us all the time that keeps us busy physically and mentally. Due to this we are constantly consciously or subconsciously searching for peace. Meditation helps to achieve that peaceful state of mind that completely relaxes your body and mind. It helps us to detach ourselves from other thoughts and focus our mind on either our breath or a sound or mantra or an image, which helps to bring clarity to the mind. The most common and simple form of Dhyana or meditation is the one where you focus your attention on your breath. You simply pay attention to the frequency and the way you breathe. Other forms of meditation include pranayama or the control of life force. This helps to energize the spine and directs the life energy to the nervous system and the brain. Then we have the Initiation and transferring of the energy that is also known as the Shaktipat. In this the chakras or the energy points in the body are charged and awakened so the life energy can flow freely through our body. There are several other ways of practicing meditation such as the Raja Yoga Meditation, Sahaja Yoga Meditation Kriya, Vipasana Meditation, Buddhist Meditation, and Buddhist Breath Meditation, Mindfulness, Meditation, Japa Meditation, Zen Meditation, Healing Meditation, Kabala Meditation, etc.

Dhyana or meditation helps our body and mind in several ways such as it slows down our breathing due to which our heart rate slows down and our blood flow increases, it improves the tolerance of exercise in heart patients, it helps to deeply relax your body and mind, it regulates the blood pressure and is excellent for those suffering from high or low blood pressures, it helps to reduce the tension in your muscles and thus reduces any kind of pain in the body, it boosts the production of serotonin that is responsible for your mood and behavior, helps the body to heal faster, it corrects your breathing pattern and harmonizes it with your body so the functions of various systems in your body are optimized. This makes you feel calm and peaceful yet extremely energetic and alert at the same time. With regular practice meditation becomes easier and deeper and more intense making you feel blissful, content and at complete peace with yourself and everyone else around you. One important thing to remember is never to force or strain yourself to meditate. Start with a short duration and then gradually increase it.

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