Yoga Practice in Peaceful Places

By Patricia | December 16, 2008
Choose The Right Time For Yoga

Well, there isn’t anything called the best time to do yoga or exercise. While it’s important to fit in some form of exercise or yoga in your daily routine, what time you exercise is up to you. If you find time in the morning before going off for work, then do a short session of yoga. If you have time after you’re back from work, then do your yoga at that time. But of course, there are a few simple guidelines to help you choose the right time for yoga:

  • If you’re a morning person, you’ll be more energetic and fresh at that time and this might work for you while doing yoga.
  • Our bodies become more flexible in the early evenings; also, evening yoga is a good way to energize yourself after a hard day’s work. As you breathe in more oxygen while doing pranayama, your body will dispel the excess carbon dioxide and revel in the freshness.
  • Also, you should do yoga a few hours after eating any meal or snack. Essentially practiced on an empty stomach, you also need to wait for 30 minutes before eating anything after yoga.
  • If you’re practicing yoga late in the evening, wait for a while before getting into bed.
  • Also, work with a yoga teacher before you venture out on your own. You don’t want to do any of the postures incorrectly and hurt yourself.
  • Also, before you begin, find a peaceful place for yourself in the house where you can practice without disturbance. Doing yoga quietly in a peaceful place is the best way to enjoy the exercise and the benefits of the practice.
  • Another little tip here is that you should attend to nature’s call before you do yoga. Take a shower and maybe get an oil massage done before you begin practice.
  • Last but not the least; do not forget to warm-up before you do yoga.

Yoga Postures For Beginners:

You begin with a warm session, followed by stretches to stretch those muscles; standing postures; prone postures, supine asanas; sitting postures; a few bends; pranayama and meditation.

Relaxing Yoga Postures:

Here are a few relaxing postures that are done in a yoga session –

  • Shavasana (Corpse posture)
  • Bal asana (Child posture)
  • Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)

Postures For Meditating And Doing Pranayama:

  • Padmasana (Lotus posture)
  • Vajrasana (Diamond posture)
  • Sukhasana (Easy posture)

Yoga Fitness Postures:

  • Tadasana (Mountain posture)
  • Konasana (Angle posture)
  • Trikonasana (Triangle posture)
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