When To Start With Regular Exercise Or Yoga After Normal Delivery?

By Patricia | September 26, 2008
Yoga After A Normal Delivery

Regular exercise or yoga after normal delivery can be done safely after a few weeks of childbirth. However, it depends upon the mother's health and the recommendation of her medical professional as to how long after birth can the practice of yoga commence. Some mothers who have been exercising or practicing yoga long before pregnancy usually start as soon as four to six weeks after a normal delivery. However, those mothers who have had a Caesarean section or have had a tough time in giving birth are recommended a longer recovery period before beginning any form of workout or exercise. Under any circumstance it is strongly advocated that the mother who has recently delivered a baby with normal delivery or otherwise, to wait for medical clearance before starting a yoga schedule.

Once you have been given the go-ahead by your doctor and the bleeding has ceased, you are ready to practice yoga again. If you experienced prenatal yoga, you would have learned how to listen to your body and not force yourself into doing anything out of the ordinary. Keep the same principles in mind and get ease your way through yoga.

You will notice that your body after childbirth is quite different prior to pregnancy. Hence you may have to take extra patience to bring your body back to shape like it once was. Most mothers who are breastfeeding find it difficult to do yoga poses on the stomach. You may ask your yoga instructor to opt for another alternative yoga pose to achieve the desired results. Even though you may not feel up to it and may feel tired and withdrawn, a few minutes of practice every day can help in hastening your recovery, while calming your mind and body, and even dealing with postpartum depression.

The downward facing dog pose is an energizing yoga pose that helps to stretch your spine, and ease cramps in the legs, while exercising and stretching the entire body. It is also useful in easing mild depression. In order to get your belly back in shape you will need to exercise the abdominal muscles and work on strengthening your lower back and pelvic muscles. Most mothers who have just experienced childbirth complain about their post-baby belly. However, the abdominal muscles are slightly more stubborn when it comes to getting in shape and this area needs careful attention and added patience to coax it back into shape.

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