Role Of Yoga In Maintaining Emotional And Mental Health

By Patricia | December 2, 2008
Yoga Exercises For Anxiety

How Yoga Keeps A Person Mentally & Emotionally Healthy

Mental and emotional health usually refers to the emotional as well as the psychological well-being of people. Mentally healthy people are able to use their emotional capabilities to live well in society and interact with other people without any difficulty. But if factors affect someone’s emotional health, then that person may have problems in their family, professional and social life.

Those with mental health problems, often suffer from the following disorders:

Mood Disorders: Bipolar disorders and depression are two forms of mood disorders where the patient feels hopeless, suicidal and tired.

Anxiety Disorders: Those with anxiety disorders suffer from abnormal panic, phobias and anxiety.

Schizophrenia: A Schizophrenic suffers from distorted perceptions of reality, disordered thought process and hallucinations. This is a very serious mental health condition.

Eating Disorders: Obsessed with food, people suffering from eating disorders let food affect them in a negative way, which finally disrupts their daily life. Over-eating, binging, avoiding food are some of the manifestations of eating disorders.

Personality Disorders: Characterized by destructive thoughts and behavior, those suffering from personality disorders have a lot of problems in dealing with people.

Organic Brain Disorders: Characterized by memory loss and confusion, organic brain disorders are caused by accidents or brain damage.

Role Of Yoga In Maintaining Emotional And Mental Health: While yoga cannot cure mental and emotional health problems, practicing yoga regularly can help to keep a person balanced and healthy. Medication and counseling is required to treat mental health problems; but through yoga people can remain fit as well as emotionally and mentally healthy. Several psychologists recommend yoga to their patients as a way of dealing with depression and isolation.

Asanas And Pranayama For Overall Fitness: Yoga asanas massage the internal organs; cleanse the circulatory system; flush out toxins; and, are good for the overall fitness of the body. The breathing exercises in Pranayama help to enrich the blood, internal organs and the muscles with oxygen.

Yoga Exercises To Battle Depression: It’s a proven fact that exercise is good for combating anxiety and depression. And yoga asanas or postures are not only a good form of exercise but these are good for balance, flexibility and strength. While yoga pumps those endorphins, known as ‘happy hormones’, it also provides a restful and calming experience to the practitioner.

Emotional Control And Relief Through Yoga: Tension and stress leads to chronic stiffness and muscle tension, and this finally leads to further anxiety amongst stressed people. A relaxing form of exercise, yoga stretches and relaxes joins and muscles, and has the calming effects of massage. The postures are meditative and calming.

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