Kapalbhati Yoga: Helps To Improve The Health of Your Hair

By Patricia | January 30, 2009
Kapalbhati Yoga To Improve Hair Growth

Yoga Poses For Hair Growth

Hair growth depends mainly on how great your health is and then of course there are several other factors like hereditary hair growth pattern, lifestyle, nutrition, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, whether you take any strong medicines, use of styling products with harsh chemicals, stress, fitness levels, etc. Before starting any kind of workout you would need to assess your physical health and lifestyle. Correct your diet and avoid junk food as the processed and refined foods are very high in harmful fats and they increase the free radicals in your body that cause more harm than you think. So just stay away from it and make sure to consume lots of fresh salads, fruits and vegetables, juices, whole grains, etc. Most importantly eat simple and fresh home cooked meals, as you can be sure of the freshness and hygiene as well. Also remember to keep your hair and scalp clean as dirt and dust buildup will increase your hair fall and will cause other scalp infections like dandruff. Yoga asanas or postures help to boost hair growth naturally since they work on your body from inside. They put gentle and controlled pressure on various glands that help to boost the hormone production and also regulate the imbalance so your hair grows healthier naturally. Besides the various asanas or poses increase the blood and oxygen flow to your scalp and thus stimulate the hair follicles and boost hair growth. You may start with the Dhyana or meditation to relieve stress and tension and to help you focus and increase your concentrate. It will also help you to prepare your self for the next step in yoga that is pranayama or the breathing exercises. These help to correct your breathing pattern and increase the flow of oxygen in your body. They also help to clear out the blockages in your system.

Kapalbhati or the breath of fire helps a lot with hair growth problems. Kapala means the skull and Bhati means the shine or the glow. Thus Kapalbhati means the exercise that brings a shine to your face. It helps to boost hair growth and also improves the health of your hair. Besides this you can also try the inverted asanas or postures that increase the blood flow to your scalp to boost growth such as Shirshasana or the head stand, Sarvanga asana or the shoulder stand, Adho Mukhashvana asana or the downward facing dog pose among others.

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