Get Relief From Chronic Pain By Practicing Yoga

By Patricia | February 9, 2009
Yoga For Chronic Pain

What Recommendations For Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be cured with traditional as well as complementary therapies. You can benefit from massage therapy, physical therapy, meditation, yoga, acupuncture and acupressure if you suffer from chronic pain. People suffer from chronic pain because of several reasons: it could be an injury from an accident; diseases like arthritis; stiffness; aging; or, muscle damage. Yoga is one way to deal with chronic pain. While attending a class with other people might have several benefits, if you suffer from chronic pain, you might need to seek the help of a yoga therapist, who can work with you to ease your pain. Most therapists will want to focus on yoga education, where the idea will be to improve your awareness, develop inner strength, and help yourself by listening to your inner voice.

Even Patanjali talks about steadiness or sthira, and comfort or sukha. A therapist might work with you to develop these two elements in your body to release the pain or tension in your body. Practicing core lifts with Ujjayi pranayama or ocean breaths, and Dirgha pranayama can help to breathe into the pain and release the body from the tension.

Yoga can also help you experience more body awareness, increase your muscle tone, and can work on your posture, which could be affected because of chronic pain. Core strength is another thing that yoga builds, which helps people to cope with chronic pain. When there is an injury, the tissues and muscles in that area tighten to protect the injured area, thus, causing a spasm. While conventional treatments focus on the spasms, the core strength is an area that is often neglected. If through yoga, you can build your core strength, then you can stop the spasm from returning.

Pranayama breathing techniques in yoga can help relieve pain. Generally, when we are in pain, we tend to hold our breaths, thus building up toxins in our body. So people who have chronic pain, generally have poor circulation, and contracted muscles. Yoga breathing can combat this and help you overcome the problem.

The soothing breathing can also calm your mind, help you cope with unwarranted fears and reduce the anxiety level. The conscious breathing can help to reduce tension in the affected areas, before it can accumulate there and cause more pain.

Yoga stretches and strengthens the body, and it is good for the muscles as well as for the internal organs. If you are choosing yoga to combat chronic pain, then we suggest that you consult a yoga therapist, instead of working out on your own.

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