Practicing Yoga Asana Like Pranayama, Meditation And Relaxation Help For Cancer Patient

By Patricia | January 19, 2009
Yoga For Cancer Patients

Yoga asanas or postures help to keep your body fit and toned and your mind calm and relaxed. It can help people to cope better while being treated for cancer but medical science does not acknowledge that it can cure cancer although some people say that it does. Often cancer patients find themselves in a disturbed state of mind as they are bombarded by questions and are frightened by the effects of chemotherapy; have to undergo painful invasive procedures, and do not always get compassionate medical care. So when their minds are so grievously disturbed, they may find it impossible to make any important decisions or relate satisfactorily to their friends and family. Practicing yoga asanas or poses like pranayama, meditation and relaxation help to relive tension. Energy flows more easily in the body when the tension is released and this allows patients to experience a sense of strength and well being and a balance of mind, body, and spirit. The reason why cancer patients choose yoga is because it teaches them to connect more strongly to their body and this helps them to experience calm, well being and self empowerment, it also helps to improve their sleep pattern giving their body the much needed relaxed sleep to heal faster.

As the patients engage their physical selves in the precise body gestures of yoga asanas their mind grows accustomed to focus on the affairs of the moment and leaves the worries and the future thoughts and stress behind. And as they meditate and breathe their minds grow more steady and clear. The benefits of yoga asanas or poses for cancer patients are really valuable as their range of flexibility, motion, relaxation, strength, and a sense of bodily well being is enhanced by practicing the postures or asanas. Some also experience a deeper spiritual bliss and peace after meditating. The yoga asanas are specific to the type and the part of body affected by cancer. A cancer patient may not be allowed to practice all the yoga asanas or postures as some could put a lot of strain on them and could have negative effects.

Pranayama is very beneficial for cancer patients as it combines the ‘prana’ or the breath, with ‘yama’, which means the extension or control and this is a crucial practice in yoga. This is the science of breath and it involves paying close attention to the way you breathe i.e. inhalation, exhalation, and retention or holding of breath.

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