What Is Spinal Twist Yoga?

By Patricia | January 12, 2009
Spinal Twist Benefits

The spinal twist is one of the more basic Yoga postures, which can be practiced by the beginners or intermediates in Yoga. It is a very beneficial pose as it helps get your spine in proper shape and structure but at the same time this position helps in many internal bodily functions.

The twist comprises of pressing the right thigh against the abdominal area, which stimulates the gall bladder, liver and right kidney. A twist in the opposite direction helps in the secretion of various chemicals of the pancreas, and left kidney. It also helps in toning the shoulder and neck muscles.

Let us now learn to practice this position. Start by placing a mat or a folded blanket on the floor. Place your legs straight in front of you while making sure there is ample support for the buttocks on the mat or blanket. Now put your right foot over the left leg with the right knee bending and pointing straight towards the ceiling. Slowly exhale and begin to twist towards your right thigh. Make sure your right hand is placed on the floor just besides your right buttock, and put your left arm on the right thigh just close to the knee. After this draw your torso touching the inner side of your right thigh. Push the right foot with pressure and keep stretching the tailbone and rest of your body.

Keep twisting the torso towards the right. Also make sure you lift your sternum with every inhalation and twist your torso further with every exhalation. Spread the entire pressure of the pose on the back region and not just the lower back. Make sure to involve your shoulder muscles too. Stay in this position for around 30 seconds, then slowly exhale and come back to the starting position. Now repeat the entire process for the left side.

There are tremendous advantages of the spinal twist as it stimulates the excretory, digestive and blood purification systems of your body. It helps in the alignment and toning up of various critical nerves in the spinal cord and also helps in bringing into line the vertebral column. One can also find an energy flow in the body due to the pose and the breathing patterns associated with the pose.

Spinal Twist is truly an all rounder when it comes to exercise, providing a right balance to both your internal and external organs.

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