Types Of Acne Scars & Removal

By Patricia | August 19, 2009

Types Of Acne Scars

Acne scar treatments depend largely on the extent of the scarring and the type of scar that has risen after the acne. One of the most typical types of scar that occurs after an acne attack is called an ice pick scar. The ice pick scar is typified by the complete loss of underlying tissue below the area of the pimple that caused the scar. As the infection within the pimple healed, the process also destroyed the tissue beneath. The skin healing that subsequently happened was just a quick fix to seal the skin and not correct all the damage.

Laser Treatment

Cosmetic surgery is the branch of medicine that is responsible for scar healing. There are many techniques that are used by cosmetic surgeons to relieve scar tissue, like dermabrasion, laser therapy, surgery, and needling. The governing principle of all these techniques is to inflict damage to the skin again in a controlled manner. When damage is inflicted in a controlled manner, the skin healing is more systematic and less haphazard as is the case in acne scarring. Needling is a technique that is so simple that it could also be done at home with a home needling kit. In this technique, the skin around the scar is needled progressively and eventually the scar is replaced with regular skin. Dermabrasion works by rubbing off the surface of the scar. This is a painful technique and may even require general anesthetic. When the skin heals again, it is usually without any scar tissue. Laser treatment also damages the area of the scar and healing occurs with proper skin tissue again. Curiously, there is an interesting treatment that involves a topical application. A substance called mucin is acquired from a snail. Mucin is a protein that naturally occurs in nature and what this protein does is, at a cellular level, improve the chemical communication between cells. This Coordination then results in the cells dissolving out incorrect tissue and replacing it with correct tissue. This treatment may not be available with too many professionals and you will have to seek a professional who can help you in this regard.

Home Remedies

The home remedy method of dealing with this, and any type of scar, is to exfoliate the skin continuously and speed up skin cell turnover. For this purpose, salicylic acid is the prime ingredient with its powers of destroying skin protein and allowing for ease in removal. Apply this continuously to the face for results – though this is a time-consuming process.

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