How To Get Rid of Stomach Ache In Children?

By Patricia | June 17, 2009

My daughter is 7 years old, please suggest some natural remedies for her stomach ache

A stomachache could be because of a wide variety of reasons that start from indigestion and go all the way to an auto inflammatory disease. For this reason, it would be more prudent to get a doctor to have a look at the problem in more detail. The abdominal region houses quite a few organs like the liver, the stomach, the pancreas, spleen, intestines and the gall bladder so there are a myriad number of permutations and combinations that the problem could throw while trying to ,make a guess.

It is for this very reason that doctors usually separate the abdominal region into anywhere between four and nine regions that correspond to a major organ. Some of the reasons of stomachaches can be related to ingesting some kind of a substance, so analyzing this and its route through the digestive system would be useful. As food passes through the mouth into the esophagus and finally down to the stomach, the biggest causes for problems in children in this area is Helicobacter Pylori infections. This is a bacteria that all humans have in their stomach and cause gastritis when there is high acidity in the stomach. Children sometimes get their first taste of this infection at your daughter’s age. A series of drugs can usually correct this and the condition may not recur for years after that. Since your daughter is seven, and with the assumption that she has a well-rounded diet that includes proteins and green vegetables, the liver and pancreas can be skipped as complications to these organs occur a bit later in life. However, hepatitis can happen at any age, you would be able to tell if this is the problem by any jaundice that is occurring. The last stop can be considered to be the small intestine. Most problems that children have are because of a lack of the complete set of bacteria that are required in the gut. Many of the food we eat need bacteria to break them down. Take the example of a complex plant compound called polysaccharide. This is present in the cellulose of most green plants and cannot be digested by animals without the help of bacteria to break it down further.

To start remedying the situation, increase the amount of broccoli and honey in the diet. Broccoli can help reduce populations of H. Pylori in the stomach and honey has antibacterial properties and stimulates bile production in the liver. Milk and probiotic yogurt is an important source of intestinal flora and bacteria. Finally, it is worth trying to give the child some milk of magnesia or aloe juice to eliminate any indigestible substance that was consumed.

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