Purple Pimples And Acne Scars

By Patricia | February 5, 2010

While pimples are a very common sight, some people may tend to be overly worried by the coloration of the growth. People also presume the worst when they feel the condition may actually be a lot worse than acne. However, a purple pimple is simply a variant of either acne vulgaris or acne simplex. It could also be an infection of lichen planus. Acne is usually caused by a buildup of fluids behind a blockage in the pores through which the sebum oils, produced in the sebaceous glands, are transported to the upper layers of the skin. The blockage could be caused by a number of factors including the presence of dead skin cells around and inside the pore, the possibility of a stray piece of dust lodging itself in this minute opening or even simply the result of hormonal changes within the body. The last factor is the main reason that the condition seems to be more prevalent amongst individuals in their teenage years.

Moreover, our skin is covered in inactive bacteria that may be triggered into action when it comes in contact with contaminated fluids such as those that are now present behind the blockage. While the most human action would be to promptly burst the pimple, this is probably the worst action you could take, especially if the blocked fluid is infected by bacteria. Bursting the pimple will help spread the infection over a larger area of the skin, thereby accelerating the development of a full blown acne outbreak.

Remedies And Treatment

Given the fact that pimples and acne development are such a common problem, a number of effective home remedy options have been developed all over the world. You should try a few to see which ones are most effective with your skin type and condition. One of the foremost treatment options would be to create a paste by mixing honey and cinnamon powder and apply it over the pimples before going to sleep. Wash the paste off with the help of some warm water first thing the next morning, and continue the treatment for a period of 2 weeks to witness beneficial results. Another option would be to rub fresh garlic over and around the pimple as this will not only help cure the condition, but also erase any blemishes or facial scars that are a common occurrence with acne. Make sure you wash the garlic paste off within two minutes, as garlic has the potency to burn. You could also try creating a paste by mashing some orange peels with some amount of water and apply it over the affected area before you wash it off after about 30 minutes with lukewarm water.

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