Scars Of Ice Pick Acne

By Patricia | August 26, 2009

Ice Pick Scars

Ice pick scar is the terminology used to describe the most common scarring that occurs after a case of acne, which resembles little depressed craters on the face. The reason that the scar is depressed is because of the loss of tissue that occurs when an acne scar heals. Laser therapy has become the most popular and effective way of treating acne scars; however, there is evidence that supports the use of a more natural, radical and topical treatment.

Acne Scarring

Scarring is the natural way of healing a wound, which resulted as a loss of skin surface. In response to the loss of skin or to a deep gash, the skin creates a layer of collagen that seals up the wound. Collagen is fibrous protein and is the main constituent of the skin. The reason for the uneven nature of some raised scars is a difference in the make up of the skin cells that have been hastily put together to seal the wound. Acne scars are unique because there is no traumatic wound that occurs to cause scar tissue to build up. The underlying mechanism for the development of a scar begins with a simple case of acne. Acne occurs when there is some kind of a blockage in the pores of the skin, which is usually because of skin bacteria, dead skin cells and dirt. At puberty, or when acne develops, the hormones that are secreted also cause hyperactivity in the cells that cause the skin oil sebum to secrete. These cells are called the sebaceous glands that produce the triglyceride and fatty acid rich sebum. If the pore is blocked, then there is no way that the sebum can be released and this becomes an infective medium for bacteria. With the presence of bacteria in the skin, the body’s immune response activates and a miniature battle ensues, which causes white blood cells to populate the area causing a pustule or a pimple. When these pimples are extremely big, the tissue that surrounds the area of infection is destroyed. Eventually, when the infection heals, there is no more tissue and the depression occurs.

Scars Removal Using Laser Treatment

Lasers are the most effective way of dealing with scars and it works by dissolving the surrounding tissue and making the scarred area seem more even with the rest of the skin. Additionally, when the wound from the laser heals it resembles the regular skin. Another therapy is the use of mucin. This is a natural protein that has the ability to improve cellular coordination and, crucially, stimulates the skin to heal itself and fill up scars.

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