How To Reduce Waist Size: Yoga Exercise To Shrink Waist Size

By Patricia | October 26, 2009

The waist is a region in which people tend to put on excess weight quite rapidly. The fat accumulation around the waist can be shed only through regulation of the diet and proper exercise. Regulating the diet is essential in shrinking waist size and excess weight. It is however important not to skip meals. This is because when you eat after starving yourself, you will tend to eat a lot more. Smaller more frequent meals are the best way to regulate the diet. Large meals cause the stomach to expand and it remains this way in order to accommodate your eating habits. Eating small meals will satisfy hunger and will not cause the stomach to expand. Eating slowly will allow for proper digestion. This also prevents overeating as you are able to register feeling full. Your meals should consist of healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, protein rich food and healthy fats. Eating your meal a couple of hours before going to bed will also allow digestion to take place properly. Avoid sugar and sugary foods completely. Refrain from eating refined foods such as white rice, white flour and cakes. Also avoid potatoes and foods that are high in calories such as chocolates, butter and ice cream.

Home Remedies To Lose Weight

Achieving the goal of a smaller waist also requires the appropriate exercises. You will need to do cardiovascular exercises as well as weight training. A daily exercise routine is the best way to lose excess fat. Start cardiovascular exercises immediately and continue them on a regular basis. These include walking, jogging, playing tennis, hiking and biking. This must be done at least thrice a week for half an hour to one hour. If your exercises are making you work up a sweat every time you perform them, then it means that your cardio work out is challenging enough to help you lose weight.

Vitamin C is very beneficial for those trying to lose excess weight. Indian gooseberry is a rich source of vitamin C and can be taken daily. Drinking lemon juice daily will also help. Also consume salads containing lots of fresh green leafy vegetables. Having a spoonful of honey after your meals is also good for losing weight. Mix honey with lemon juice or add honey to warm water and drink it. This helps in the mobilization of excess fats. The Indian plum is known to be effective in weight control and allows for the proper utilization of fats in the body. The leaves of Indian plum may be soaked in water overnight; you can then drink this water first thing in the morning. Continue this for about a month for positive results.

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