Tips for Buying Walking Shoes

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 20, 2012

You have solemnly resolved to shed those extra pounds and get into shape. Your choice of fitness activity is walking and you have your gear all planned out. The only snag is looking for a good pair of walking shoes and you do not know where to begin or what kind is best suited for you.

Here are a few tips to watch out for when choosing a new pair of walking shoes:


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  • Even if you know your regular shoe size, do not presume. Take the time to go to a shoe store and get your feet sized and fitted by a shoe expert. Request him to show you different kinds of walking shoes.

    Different brands cater to different categories of walking shoes. You will find yourself surrounded by running, jogging, trail walking, hiking and trekking shoes. Try them on for comfort and fit. However, keep in mind your fitness activity and choose accordingly
  • Comfort over Fashion. Walking shoes are meant to support your feet and give you an optimal workout experience. Do not pick shoes based on how they look but how well they fit. While expensive brands of walking shoes may or may not deliver all they promise, do not pinch pennies when buying walking shoes. An uncomfortable shoe will pinch and bind causing injuries or bruises
  • Ensure your foot has enough room in the toe box; it should be wide enough to allow free toe movement. Allow half an inch distance between your toes and the end of the shoe. If your walking shoes fit like a glove, you may want to look at a larger size. Compare the two fits and remember that close fitting shoes may suffer more wear and tear at the seams. Also, ask your store to show you wide or extra wide walking shoes. These are available in the standard sizes but are customized to fit individuals with wider feet
  • When you are looking for a pair of comfortable walking shoes you want to look for flexible soles designed to promote the easy roll of the foot from the heel to the toe
  • Walkers do not need high heels on their walking shoes since they strike first with their heel and role mid-step. A higher heel is likely to arch your feet and cause injury. Also, look for a heel that bevels in. A flaring heel would cause a slapping motion while walking and can be uncomfortable. It may also cause slippage and injury
  • Your feet sweat during physical activity. So ensure that your walking shoes have an in-built sweat wicking mesh to absorb perspiration. Invest in a pair of waterproof walking shoes if your walking activity will take you across streams or if you are going to walk in rainy, wet weather. Give your wet walking shoes time to dry before you wear them on the next outing
  • While buying a pair of walking shoes, take a pair of socks that you will be using while walking. It will help you garner a better idea of your shoe size. Try to shop for a pair at the end of the day. Your feet swell by the end of the day or after an activity and imitate your feet size while walking

Once you have picked out your walking shoes, you are ready to go. Try to keep your walking shoes exclusively for walking. Take care of your pair and they will last you long.

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