Get Rid of Phlegm In Your Throat

By Patricia | May 28, 2009

Phlegm in throat home remedy: How to get rid of phlegm wad in throat.Cough is productive (pearly substance), but phlegm remains.OTCs don't help.Allergic to most. HELP!

Ginger as a home remedy is believed to be quite beneficial in naturally treating sore throats and phlegm discharges. Blend the extracts of ginger, cinnamon and carnation with some water, or you could also use honey as a base. Consuming this herbal preparation 4 - 5 times a day can help in easing out the phlegm from the chest / throat. Adding the fresh juice of a lemon and a teaspoon of honey to the warm water also helps in controlling the production of phlegm. A very popular folk remedy is a paste made from the root of liquorices, powdered ginger, granulated sugar and white pepper with a little honey. This home remedy can be taken four times a day and will greatly help in controlling excessive phlegm discharge.

Garlic has been well known for its curative properties since ancient times. Disregarding its odor, eating a few cloves of raw garlic at bedtime brings the much-needed relief from phlegm. Some herbalists also recommend the consumption of pears as they believe the fruit contains natural properties in treating phlegm.

Blending black pepper seeds with raisins is another novel method believed to get rid of phlegm. Another unique remedy is the use of soaked orange slices in wine, left overnight and cooked the next day. The resultant concoction is thought to cure phlegm and ease sore throat infections. However, even though this old folk remedy has a standing respect amongst users, it does not find any mention with medical experts. Another popular folk remedy calls for the blending of carrot juice with honey and warm water. This herbal preparation can be taken several times a day for temporary relief from cough.

Try inhaling eucalyptus oil that has been mixed in a bowl of hot water. Inhaling the vapors emanating from the hot water helps in getting rid of the phlegm. Other essential oils that are beneficial in loosening the buildup of phlegm and providing relief from cough include myrrh oils, peppermint oils, cypress oils, pine oils, thyme oils, cedar oils, and jasmine oils among others. that can be added to steaming vapor. Drape a towel over your head as you breathe in the medicated steam to prevent the vapors from escaping. Ideally you must also consume plenty of hot water throughout the day. Almost every medical expert will agree on the fact that drinking abundant quantities of water is important especially if the cough is due to a cold. Water is believed to be the most ideal expectorant that can thin the phlegm and loosen the cough.

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