Home Remedies For Cold Sores

By Patricia | November 24, 2009

Causes And Cure

Cold sores are also known as fever blisters. Cold sores are normally caused by HSV 1 (Herpes Simplex Virus). Cold sores appear as small blisters spread across the facial region. The virus has the ability to stay dormant for a long time and turn active without any specific trigger. The outer lip is most prone to such blisters. Cold sores usually take two to four weeks to cure. Though it is not a serious health disorder, the appearance of blisters does cause mental distress and embarrassment to people suffering from cold sores. Cold sores are also highly contagious in nature. Using or sharing accessories with an infected person spreads the infection. Cold sores can be avoided by restricting the use of utensils, towels, soap and other accessories used by an infected person.

Home Remedies Bumps on Lips

Basic home remedies can help treat mild to moderate lip swelling caused due to cold sores. Primarily you need to check whether such sores have caused openings. Such open sores need to be kept clean and dry at all times. They have to be gently cleaned with the help of soft tissues or gentle wipes. Applying ice packs on sores helps reduce swelling. You can wrap some ice cubes in a soft cloth and rub this wrap on the sores as many times a day. This should help reduce the swelling. Chamomile tea bags are also an ideal alternative to reduce swelling and inflammation. Apply hot chamomile tea bags on the swollen area. The warmth of the tea bags can stimulate blood circulation and help reduce the swelling. Repeat this once more , but use cold tea bags this time as this will help to decrease the inflammation.

Treatment And Remedy

Applying yoghurt is one of the most effective remedies to treat and moisturize sore and swollen lips. Yoghurt contains live bacteria that help eliminate viral infections. Fresh and cool yoghurt can be massaged on the swollen area and then rinsed off with warm water. Prepare a mixture made of fuller’s earth and rose water. This mixture can be applied on the swollen areas. Allow it to dry completely and then wash it off gently with warm water. This remedy can help restore the health of the skin by cleansing and softening the affected area. Cold sores can also leave blemishes on the outer lip. Such blemishes can be treated by applying the juice of oranges or watermelons on the affected areas. The coating must be allowed to dry before rinsing it off with warm water. Sore skin can also be treated with a nourishing mask made of mashed banana and honey. Apply this mask and allow to mixture to dry. Rinse it off with cold water. This will help nourish the skin and keep it soft and healthy.

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