Points To Consider While Purchasing Yoga Pants For Women

By Patricia | June 18, 2010
Yoga Pants For Women

If you are a woman and a beginner who has decided to start yoga practice, the first step would be to get yourself a proper outfit. While you do get yoga shorts for women, it would be better to buy yourself a pair of yoga pants. This is because the various postures of yoga require bending and twisting, and pants would not ride up, causing discomfort and embarrassment.

With the increasing popularity of yoga all across the world, yoga clothing for women are easily available, and in all colors and sizes. You can get yoga pants for plus size women, yoga pants for petite women, and yoga pants for tall women. In fact, so comfortable and handy are these pants, they have become a handy American apparel for women in their daily lives.

There are many aspects you need to consider when buying yoga pants for women.

Material. Yoga exercises require plenty of stretching, so you need pants which will be tight enough not to slip off your body, and yet remain snug and comfortable. You can choose from natural fabrics like organic cotton, which allows your body to breathe better. If you are staying in a very cold country, wool would be a wise choice. You can also select a blend of cotton with lycra or spandex, which makes them snug and flexible, and also helps to retain its shape.

Style. Style is as important as comfort, because most women want yoga pants that flatter their image and boost their confidence. You can opt for either straight cuts or a flared look. Shorter women look better in flared bootlegs. The pants should also give sufficient support for the waist, butt and thighs. This provides comfort around the hips when you bend, prevents chaffing and also reduces muscle fatigue. Some yoga pants for women come with thick supportive waistbands. This can be worn high or folded down as a low rise waist, depending upon your comfort levels.

Color. A serious yoga workout could have you sweating. Dark colors are usually preferred as they do not show up sweat marks as much as light colors like light brown, beige or gray. Besides, most women find dark colors such as dark blue, navy or black to be more flattering than light colors.

Where to buy? You can buy yoga pants for women online or from stores. Many online brands cost much less. On the other hand, they may not be a good fit. It would be better to buy from a store where you can try on a pair before purchasing it.

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