Full Body Toning and Stretching Workout

By Patricia | June 23, 2010
Full Body Exercises

Full Body Toning - Stretching Exercises Routines

Starting a new exercise routine can be quite intimidating and challenging in itself and the sound of full body exercise routines can be even more intimidating. Most of us don’t even know where to begin. If you do have gym membership and a personal trainer then you are quite lucky as your trainer can help you formulate a workout routine with some full body stretching exercises and toning exercises to help you get in shape.

Most fitness enthusiasts are dedicated but often lack the direction needed. If you are looking to get in shape with full body exercise routines it’s important that you first consider the requirements of such a routine. A full body workout should comprise of cardio exercises as well as weight lifting exercises. These should be planned with an aim to working on both the lower and upper body. Try and include weight lifting in at least three days of the week, as this will help improve strength and can also comprise part of your full body toning exercises.

Full Body Workout

When planning a full body workout it would help to consider the importance of performing one exercise for each muscle group. Do keep in mind that full body exercise routines imply performance of all major body parts in a single session, for three non – consecutive days of your week. Many fitness enthusiasts have a tendency to over exercise in their excitement to get in shape, but this can be counterproductive. When you’re starting a new workout routine it should be pointed out that more exercises and sets are completely uncalled for. The training response is in fact relative to what your body has been accustomed to. This is why in the initial period you are likely to make significant progress with minimal exercise.

Choose basic exercises for your routine, and include both full body stretching exercises, and full body toning exercises that work more muscles with fewer exercises. The most important factor that most people tend to neglect is that a full body workout will not do much good if it is not backed up with ideal diet habits. Another point to keep in mind is that spot reduction through exercise doesn’t really work too well. Performing repeated thigh lifts will not help reduce the size of your thighs. A combination of healthy dieting and a full body workout can help achieve quicker results within a smaller period of time.

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