Do Yoga Without Injuring Your Wrists

By Patricia | October 8, 2008
Yoga To Strengthen Weak Wrists

Various postures of Yoga involve the wrists and at times when the posture is not practiced properly it may cause some pain in the wrist or may cause wrist troubles. The wrists need to be highly mobile and flexible in order to take up a wide variety of daily chores. When you practice yoga, you should take into consideration as to which postures of yoga cause strain on your wrists and you should stop them instantly.

Postures of Yoga To Relieve Wrist Pain

There are various postures of yoga which can help relieve the pain of the wrists and increase their mobility. One of them includes rotating the palm in all the directions from the delicate joint of the wrist. This helps to relax the nerves of the hand so that they can take up the daily chores without causing acute pain in the hands. Hand exercises which are incorporated in various yoga postures can be undertaken in order to free the nerve clots near the wrists.

You need to be comfortable while practicing yoga and the sitting posture needs to be the one which provides utmost comfort to the body as well as the wrist and the limbs. The angle of extension in the postures like upward facing dog pose, sun salutation and hand stand is too severe. Using foam wedges in such cases helps to reduce the strain caused on the hands and the wrists. This not only provides comfort to the hands and the wrists but also reduces the length of the elongation so that the strain on the wrist reduces.

In wheel pose and semi wheel pose, the legs need to be balanced with the hands and this too causes stretch in the wrists. You need to be utmost careful while practicing this posture of yoga as it may cause some excessive strain to the wrist. Using bands around the legs and then stretching them instead of the stretch on legs directly with hands will rather ease out the posture and render comfort at the time of yoga practice. Downward facing dog pose is recommended as compared to upward facing dog pose for the wrists to be comfortable.

If wrists are sensitive then other postures of yoga like fish pose, dolphin pose, triangle pose and simple easy postures like lotus pose and dead corpse pose are also recommended. Incorporate breathing exercises along with the postures to do you good and you can be free from strain on your wrists and hands.

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