Foot Cramping While Doing Yoga

By Patricia | October 6, 2008
Avoid Leg Cramps During Yoga Sessions

There are a number of reasons why feet get cramped while practicing yoga. One of the main reasons is the deficiency of potassium that causes feet to cramp. Try eating a small banana before commencing a yoga class to see if the situation improves. The other common reason for cramps is that the particular yoga pose or exercise may have been practiced in a wrong manner. Tyr massaging your feet during the warm-up to yoga to improve circulation and if a particular pose is quite uncomfortable it is better to stop practicing for the moment. Cramping of feet is usually the consequence of imbalance or a lack of symmetry around a joint.

Yoga Exercise And Feet Cramps

Sometimes during exercise unreasonable plantar flexion (pointing) of the foot, can result in cramping around the arch area. Most people with flat feet or collapsed arches complain of cramped feet during yoga or pilates. In most cases the leg muscles become exhausted due to the constant movements, hence it you could try to reduce the amount of time to hold the yoga pose. People with flat feet need to concentrate on elevating the arches by using the muscles in the feet and legs. You can also try to ease down the cramp with the help of ice. Massage the feet with ice for seven to 10 minutes till the area turns red; it is an indication that the blood cells will heat the cramped muscle.

Sometimes with imbalances in bodily fluids or body salts or electrolytes, dehydration can occur and this can lead to muscle cramps in the legs. If you experience feet cramps while practicing power yoga, hot yoga or Bikram yoga, it is highly likely that the workout in the hot weather causes your sweat to drains out your bodily fluids, salt and minerals. Decline of these nutrients is also likely to cause your feet muscles to spasm.

Check the fit of your shoes that may also be cause of cramping. Shoes that are tight or tightly laced around the feet can cause the leg muscles to cramp up. During long yoga sessions tight shoes can pose a huge problem. Sometimes it may not be easy to detect the cause of cramping even after taking the necessary precautions.

Under such circumstances perhaps you may be taking some medications that maybe causing it. Some medicines such as diuretics are the reasons for muscle cramps. Nutritional deficiencies, the state of hydration in your body, or blood circulation issue also play a role in causing cramps. It is important to seek the help of doctor to rule out any medical causes of cramps.

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