The Practice of Yoga For Overall Health & Wellbeing

Yoga has been gaining immensely in popularity because of both the short-term as well as long-term benefits it provides…naturally.

The aims of the Yoga practitioners are many and very diverse.

While some people are particularly inclined to the spiritual element that Yoga provides; others are fascinated by the increased fitness and flexibility that it gives. Some folks find solutions to a number of health problems.


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Yet others seek the all-round development of a calm, stress-free mind and a fit body.

Stop a moment and check to see whether any of these apply to you: Are you 'stressed out'? Is health and fitness a problem? Do you feel more under more pressure than ever before? Are you looking for a healthy holiday? Looking to change your diet – pure vegetarian, very delicious, all wholesome and naturally good for you? Do you find it hard to relax?

Is inner peace and health eluding you? Above all, are you interested in Yoga and health, naturally? Do you want to change your lifestyle for the better?

Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your body and mind or just feel the need for a relaxing break, Yoga will definitely leave you with a renewed sense of health and wellbeing. Through the practise of Yoga, mediation, delicious healthy food and exercise, you will get back on track.

In this category, we bring to you a set of pages on Yoga that are exclusively chosen bearing these objectives in mind, while presenting them in an easy-to-understand manner. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Overdoing hot yoga is harmful to health?

Bikram yoga or hot yoga is a kind of yoga that is practiced in a room that is heated to 105°F. This type of yoga involves practicing 26 exercises within a period of 90 minutes, in the heated room. The use of hot yoga for weight loss is known to many people all over the world. The amount of hot yoga calories you can burn during one session is approximately 900. Do however; keep in mind that the amount of hot yoga calories one burns depends on the person's weight. Individuals who practice hot yoga say that it is good for weight loss. This is because the heated room increases the body's ability to burn fat. Other Bikram yoga health benefits include reducing stress levels, developing muscle tone, increasing blood circulation and so on.

Which are main benefits of Bikram yoga?

Is weight loss possible with Bikram yoga? Bikram yoga is a type of yoga which is performed in a room that is heated to 105°F. One Bikram yoga class consists of 26 exercises which have to be performed within 90 minutes, in this heated room. Therefore, weight loss is possible with Bikram yoga as the heat helps in elevating the heart rate, which in turn helps to burn calories. Bikram yoga postures are a combination of basic yoga poses, advanced yoga poses and standing yoga poses. Side effects of Bikram yoga include the chances of getting dehydrated and also injuring oneself by damaging the muscles, if the muscles are overstretched.

What is Ashtanga yoga? What health benefits?

Ashtanga yoga is also known as Power yoga. It is a form of yoga that is practiced to increase one's strength and stamina. Ashtanga yoga for weight loss is also practiced by many as this is a vigorous form of yoga and thus helps one to lose weight. Ashtanga yoga postures help with weight loss as the postures target the fat metabolism and this results in the burning of fat. Ashtanga yoga health benefits include building up one's flexibility, developing a strong and toned body. In fact, Ashtanga yoga is considered a complete fitness program. Ashtanga yoga also helps one to manage stress as it helps to calm you down.

How I can reap various health benefits from my 1 hour�s session?

People all over the world practice yoga for many reasons, and one of them is weight loss. Studies have also shown that weight loss is possible through yoga. Furthermore, yoga also helps one from gaining weight as well. There are several other physical benefits of yoga, apart from weight loss. These benefits include getting a stronger, flexible and more toned body. Other benefits are that it helps to maintain a balanced metabolism. Yoga helps one to improve one's energy and vitality as well. The meditation health benefits of yoga are manifold. Meditation helps to bring the body and mind into balance. It helps to relieve stress, and teaches one how to relax as well.

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