I am 26 years old and my waist size is 40, I want to reduce. Is it possible in yoga? Which kind of asana do I need to practice?

(May 25, 2012)

No matter what your age or your waist size; regular practice of yoga can help you in many ways. From toning muscles to increasing flexibility and building stamina, yoga can work wonders on people suffering from all sorts of health problems and complaints. When we say regular, we mean at least thrice a week for a minimum of forty-five minutes to an hour per session. If you do this and follow a healthy balanced diet, you are bound to see results in time. Yoga is especially effective for toning the waist muscles. Unlike stomach crunches and sit-ups, yoga poses engage different muscles of the abdomen at one time and provide a complete workout for your waist. Before beginning any new exercise regime consult with a trained yoga instructor to learn the correct techniques for each pose. The following poses are the best to help reduce your waist size:

Submitted by A on May 25, 2012 at 06:40

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