Cure Cervical Cancer through Diet, Yoga and Meditation

Submitted by Jerry Parker on January 21, 2013
Over many years, cells lining the surface of the cervix go through a series of changes in a woman’s body. And sometimes, in rare cases, these cells that have changed can become cancerous. A little over 4000 cases of cervical cancer proved to be fatal according to the last study done. While the fatality figure is quite alarming, you may be able to get respite from the knowledge that this disease when caught in its initial stages is curable.


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Treatments for any sort of cancer puts the body through a hellish process of healing with chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, hysterectomy or the removal of ovaries and lymph nodes. This could be the reason more and more people are looking at unconventional and natural means of healing the body of cancer. There are many risk factors that could make a woman vulnerable to cervical cancer, and yoga is one such form of alternative treatment that can help with almost most of these aspects.

A remedial approach towards combating the cancer is through a combination of a healthy diet, yoga and meditation.

A good nutritional diet is vital for overall well being and health and more so when suffering from a serious condition. Your body needs to heal itself and you should make sure it gets all the nutrients necessary to make this progress. Women suffering from cervical cancer should increase their intake of vegetables, high-fiber foods, whole grains and unadulterated natural fats. Folate is one such nutrient that helps cells divide properly, foods rich in it are dark leafy vegetables, beans, asparagus, oranges, rice, brewer’s yeast, soy bean and soy flour. Similarly beta carotene, indole-3-carbinol, vitamin C, vitamin B26 and selenium are other nutrients that have been shown to reduce the risks and symptoms of cervical cancer.

The debate of whether yoga can cure cervical cancer is still looming only because of insufficient studies done to prove the same. Different forms of yoga can be directed at different health problems, like the Hatha form of yoga which is an amalgamation of breathing techniques and asanas that work towards improving the quality of life in cancer patients. It helps to alleviate stress through meditation and its postures aid in decreasing changes and symptoms in cancer-related immune cells as well as lowers sleep disturbance episodes. It is best to have the yoga instructor informed of the condition before starting any form of yoga as there are some yoga postures that may not be conducive for patients with cervical cancer. And above all, yoga, meditation and a diet should not be used as sole treatments but as complimentary therapies to help with cervical cancer.

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