Is Cancer Curable Through Pranayama?

(November 23, 2011)

Yoga Poses, Pranayama For Cancer

Cancer is known to be the holy grail of medical research as, so far, no permanent cure has been found for the condition. However, there are a number of medical techniques that have been employed in order to stem the growth of cancer cells as well as prevent the spreading of the condition as long as the condition has not already progressed too much. Although Pranayama for cancer will not help completely cure the cancer if it has progressed seriously, it will help you cope better with the condition. It does, however, show very potent signs of helping treat cancer in initial stages as well as prevention of the development of the condition.  The constant physical movements, as well as spiritual healing of yoga helps patients relax their minds – thereby allowing their body to handle the effects of the condition in a stronger way. The main focus of any cancer natural cure through yoga is on relaxation, strength, motion and flexibility. Pranayam is considered to be one of the effective methods because of the fact that it is based on control of one’s breath. Besides this is the simplest to perform and does not put excessive strain on the cancer patient, thus rejuvenating the body.

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Diet And Yoga Poses : List The Best Diet And Yoga Poses To Fight With Cancer

Cancer has so far been a life threatening condition to which there has been no absolute cure. Besides, the condition is known to be affecting many people all across the globe. The medical fraternity continuously asks people to prevent the condition rather than look for cures once the condition has affected their lives significantly. Yoga is a holistic practice that is focused on ensuring an improvement of one’s emotional, mental as well as physical characteristics. While there are a few yoga poses for cancer, it is important for you to consult your doctor about any of the poses you plan to perform as some are known to cause more risk to cancer patients that betterment.

One should also pay special attention to the diet for cancer and how the various foods that you consume can promote as well as worsen the development of the condition. Some foods that are known to be very effective in the prevention of cancer include curd, carrots, cabbage, grapes, garlic and onions. With regards to yoga poses for cancer, the different types of kriyas in kudalini yoga are known to be rather effective. A low fat regime should definitely be incorporated into any lifestyle choices that you make.

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