Yoga for Cancer

(August 12, 2008)

How to recover from cancer with help of yoga and ayurveda?

Cancer makes the patients weak with the strong dosages of the chemotherapy and the body doesn't stay in the state of taking up more work immediately. Yoga helps greatly in treating the patients for the side effects of the cancer. Various postures of yoga especially the pranayama (breathing exercise) helps greatly for the body to recover from the ailment after cancer. Yoga should be practiced with great caution and care after any specific surgery such as the removal of tumor.

Various different postures of yoga like the standing posture and surya namaskar (sun saluting posture) helps to provide exercise to all the organs of the body so that metabolism of the body is increased which helps the body to carry out the routine tasks with comfort and ease.

Yoga helps greatly for the body to relax and breathing in and out frequently helps the body to rejuvenate and recover from the trauma of the illness. Yoga aids in self purification and also works wonders for the removal of toxins from the body. This helps the cancer patients to recover from the illness and also from the side effects which makes the body weak.

Yoga also imparts strength and stamina to the body and also provides relief from the trauma. These exercises of yoga can provide freedom from the pain and agony which is caused due to chemotherapy. Yoga restores emotional and physical stability of the individual. The exercises help the muscles to relax after the fibrosis caused due to inactive lifestyle while one is on the bed during the course of the illness. The flexion and tension exercises as a part of yoga provide freedom from the clotting of the joints and releases the free flow of energy in the human body. It helps to provide a proper balance between the mind and the body and also provides freedom from the depression and negativity which torments the mind.

Yoga provides relief from the chronic stress caused due to tightness in the muscles after the surgery if any and the mobilization activity as a part of yoga helps to provide the desired flexibility to the body. It also increases the immunity of the body and helps in reduction of stress which has been diagnosed as the chief reason for the occurrence of tumors in the body. It also helps to provide calmness to the mind and freedom from anxiety caused due to the fear of the disease.

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