Yoga for Cancer

(July 25, 2008)

Can yoga and/or ayurveda cure bone tumor (cancer)?

Yoga is not a cure for bone tumor, cancer or any disorder of any kind. Yoga can greatly help in stretching and strengthening the muscles that cause the pain and help to reduce the discomfort caused by the supporting muscles and soft tissues of the affected bone. Patients afflicted with cancer frequently find themselves in a confused state of affairs with plenty of conflicting emotions within them and contradictory information all around them. Through the practice of Pranayama and meditation techniques the mind can greatly be relieved of tension and gradually control the range of negative emotion within the individual. When the stress is rid off within the individual, energy will be able to flow more easily and a balance will be created between the mind and body. Deep meditation and relaxation techniques help one to loosen the tension and stress that is damaging to the defense mechanism of the body. Meditation and relaxation are extremely vital constituents in the process of healing.

By practicing the art of relaxation, the stiffness in the body and mind are released, while breathing gets regulated and the heart rate and blood pressure become normal. Through all this, anxiety and mental anguish is lowered and gradually diminishes. In relaxation the mind alertly collaborates with the immune system and promotes the inner healing energies to work for the body in a positive manner.

Breathing techniques in yoga also known as Pranayama helps to replenish the energy in the body while calming the mind and the emotions. Since all emotions affect our breathing patterns, the respiration of the individual reacts to the emotional state of the individual at a particular time and becomes superficial and unsettled. Pranayama releases tension and helps an individual to control one's breath effectively by making the individual more aware of the breathing pattern. By doing so, the individual is able to gradually alter the breathing patterns and make it more effective through the use of Pranayama. With the help of deep breathing techniques most negative emotions are reduced and composure is maintained. With the help of a yoga instructor or as part of a yoga classes, enquire about specific yogasanas to help bring comfort to the situation. Specific yogasanas help to alleviate pain in the nervous system and bring relief from the ailment. By influencing the breathing, circulation of blood in the body and improving the digestive system, emotional and physical balance can be achieved. More importantly the individual also gains added stamina and flexibility.

Submitted by C D on July 25, 2008 at 05:36

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