People Who Don't Practice Yoga & Undergo Stress

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on December 21, 2012

People who don't practice Yoga and are undergoing stress had about time take up the practise seriously. Yoga is a medium through which they will be able to appreciate and realize their dormant potential. By awakening this dormant potential they will, naturally and automatically become better and healthier people.

Yoga is top quality set of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practices.


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It deals with the human body and human health. In fact is a set of practices that also deals specifically with the human mind and human nature. This is probably the most critical understanding of Yoga anyone can get.

This is largely owing to the fact that, most often, we think of Yoga as a subject or a practice that has to be imposed on one's present condition, situation and lifestyle. Subsequently, there arises conflict.

Imagine the state of people's creativity, expression and lifestyle if only they can direct, control and focus their energies, channelize and activate their powers and parts of their body and mind. If people look at Yoga from this angle they will be able to perceive the relevance of the different practices. These practices may be physical, psychological, mental or spiritual in nature.

Stress in the body and mind are the result of several factors. These include diet, environment, and mismanagement of the daily routine the body needs. Those who practise Yoga reach precisely the area one is trying to de-stress. Yoga has 4 main benefits:

  • Our internal biorhythms get synchronized
  • Our Vital force or energy in becomes regulated
  • The blocks and stresses in our muscles are got rid of
  • There arises an accord in the performance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic activities of our body

There are a lot of other benefits, but these are the 4 main ones. The main benefit is de-stressing. All the more reason why people who don't practice Yoga and undergoing stress ought to take up the practice as soon as possible.

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