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(June 17, 2008)

Hi i m veenu ,my waist has became like girls.There for my lower portion looks like girls.Earlier it was not like that.Because of that i feel very embrace infront of people.So is it possible to get back????Please help

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Yes it is possible to get your waist back to level. Veenu your waist must have decreased if you have lost your overall body weight or if you have done extra exercise to emphasize your upper body that is the chest and the biceps/triceps. In the later case your upper body part becomes emphasized and the lower part is less visible. A very simple solution to avoid this girlish appearance which you dislike is to gain weight to achieve your ideal body weight. This can be done with the help of a balanced diet and exercises to tone up the muscles. Once you gain your weight you will not feel that way and also your waist will start getting in to shape. However do not eat fat laden diets as this can lead to increase the fat percentage in your body which is not desired. Sudden weight gain can also lead to flabby look which is again undesirable. So a balance of both diet and exercise is important. Yoga exercises and pranayama will also emphasize on breathing pattern and ensure that the oxygen is reached in all the body parts. This will in turn help to decrease fat by increasing its metabolism. Once the fat percentage starts decreasing muscles will start toning. Try this asana –

Ardha akrasana – sit on a yoga mat with your legs stretched straight and parallel in front of you. Bend the left leg and place it behind the knee of the right leg. Place the left hand on the waist keeping the trunk straight. Now turn backwards on the waist and remain in this pose for 10 seconds. Inhale and come back to your original position. Practice in the same way using the right leg stretched, right hand on the waist and turn the back in other direction.

Submitted by S M on June 17, 2008 at 07:50

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