Tips for Becoming a Certified Aroma Therapist

Submitted by Kashif on August 14, 2012

There are a number of ways in which you can increase your knowledge of aromatherapy starting from reading books and journals both in print and online to networking with other therapists. If, however, you are looking at becoming an aromatherapist, there are only a few options in front of you. Everything depends on the state in which you live and the laws of the state.


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Below we explore what the options are for you to become a certified aromatherapist.

How to become a certified aromatherapist?

Generally, there are two certifications issued in aromatherapy, a certificate in aromatherapy and a diploma in aromatherapy.

This certification can be obtained either by attending regular classes or through distance education, although both require that you sit for a closed book exam before the certification is issued.

There are a couple of steps involved in becoming a certified aromatherapist.

Step 1: Learn the business

This is the first step before you become a certified aromatherapist. There are a number of institutions that offer certificate or diploma courses, and you need to identify a good one where you can learn. They are both not the same and the difference is given below.

  • Diploma in aromatherapy – this is a very comprehensive course and covers everything that you need to know about aromatherapy
  • Certificate in aromatherapy – this is not as comprehensive a course in most states as the diploma is

Step 2: Know the laws

Please keep in mind that just obtaining a diploma or a certificate does not automatically entitle you to become a certified aromatherapist in your state. Many states have laws that deal with practitioners touching their patients, and you need additional certification to entitle you to do this before you can start practicing.

Depending on what the laws in your state are, you need to ensure that you have the required certification first. The big problem here is that as of now there are no states that offer a licensed program in aromatherapy. You therefore have to rely on obtaining the knowledge separately, and then applying for a license before you can practice.

This license can be in related fields simply because there are no licenses for this program.

Step 3: Register with the ARC

The Aromatherapy Registration Council was started a few years back as a registering authority for aromatherapists all over the world. Practitioners are given an exam and are issued a certificate on passing.

Unfortunately, this council is only a few years old, and many of the older practitioners have not registered as yet. It is, however, a non-profit registering body, and the registration may yet become valuable in the years to come.

Tips and warnings

  • Becoming an aromatherapist is quite easy enough; there are a number of institutions that offer certificate or diploma courses. The difficulty is in operating in different states without falling foul of the law.
  • The most important step in becoming a certified aromatherapist therefore is finding out what the law in your state is and ensuring that you have the requisite license or certification before you start practicing.
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