Yoga poses to reduce upper arm fat

By penny | February 27, 2013
Yoga poses to reduce upper arm fat

Yoga is an ancient system of wellness. It involves a set of physical and breathing exercises that have been developed over millennia to keep both the body and the mind in good condition. Over the years, yoga has become popular as an alternative form of treatment and exercise. In this article, we deal exclusively with yoga poses to reduce upper arm fat. Any and all of the below-mentioned poses will help you get well-toned arms.

Downward Facing Dog

This pose is one of the simpler yoga poses. It is in the form of an inverted V, and when done correctly, you push your upper back and shoulders as far inside as you can. When done regularly, this pose strengthens your upper arms and tightens muscles that are generally not used in day-to-day activities.

Quarter Dog

This pose is just a variation of the Downward Facing Dog. The difference is that instead of having your arms outstretched, you have your weight on your elbows. This pose is probably better to reduce arm size than the Downward Facing Dog because you are only using the muscles of your upper arms in this pose. The pose as such is, however, not very difficult because most people have relatively strong shoulders and upper arms than lower arms, and this pose is easier to hold than the Downward Facing Dog.

Plank Pose

The Plank Pose The benefits of this pose are roughly the same as the crow pose except that it works the muscles of your legs too.


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