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(August 25, 2011)

How to reduce my belly through yoga?

Yoga For Belly Fat

To successfully get rid of belly fat you should combine healthy eating with adequate exercise. Practicing some yoga postures can be very effective as an exercise. Some of the most effective yoga postures to reduce belly fat include :

  • Navasana (Boat Pose)
  • Vrksasana (Tree Pose)
  • Purna Titaliasana (Butterfly Pose)
  • Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
The Boat Pose is a very effective ab exercise as it not only helps in strengthening and toning ab muscles but also enables you to isolate the muscles of the abs to allow you to maintain balance throughout the pose.

Although the Tree Pose looks simple it is quite challenging. While balancing in this posture, you will be made to use your core muscles. An effective breathing exercise you could practice is Kapalbhati. As this breathing exercise targets the area of the abdomen while exhaling air, it helps you lose all the fat around the area of the abdomen and gives you a flat belly.

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What Yoga Exercises Can I Do To Burn Stomach Fat?

The world today lays a significant amount of stress on an individual’s aesthetic appeal. Most people across the world would go great lengths to make sure that they look their best and some would even opt for quick fix surgical operations. However, attempting to achieve a slim and firm figure through hard work such as exercise and a proper diet will also boost your confidence and self esteem significantly. The belly is the most stubborn when it comes to weight loss and yoga is becoming a highly regarded method of losing weight and could prove to be especially beneficial.
The kapalbhati or breathing exercise is known to be very effective in getting rid of yoga fat and requires you to sit on the floor with your legs folded under you and relax while making sure that the spine is erect. Close your eyes and exhale sharply out of your nose while contracting the muscles inside before inhaling deeply again while allowing your stomach to expand as the air if taken into the body. Make sure to perform this yoga pose whenever you get the chance over the course of the day to speed up the weight loss process. The widely used Pranayama is another very highly regarded yoga technique for the burning of stomach fat.

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Does Yoga Helps You Get In Shape?

In short, one can say that yoga does help one get into shape. However, it is far more complex than such a simple answer. Yoga is a complete exercise regimen that involves controlling one’s body as well as one’s mind. Yoga has been developed over thousands of years tracing its roots back to ancient India.

The aim of yoga is to make the body and mind function to their optimum efficiency. When this happens, it is but natural that one will be in shape. Yoga is designed to improve the flexibility of the body. Through a series of different stretches and poses, one can improve blood circulation, concentration, respiration and muscle tone. Yoga may not get rid of one’s fat, but it will certainly improve the ability of the body to perform various physical tasks including bends and stretches. In order to burn fat, one needs to perform a more strenuous series of poses so that the amount of energy used increases. Fat metabolism only occurs when the body burns more energy than has been made available through food. Thus, through the use of yoga, one can certainly tone the body and bring it into shape. Dietary improvements are also necessary to achieve the same.

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Does Yoga Not Work Unless You Are On An Empty Stomach?

In general, it is safe to say that all exercises should be performed on an empty stomach. This means that exercises should commence only one and a half or two hours after food has been consumed. This is because the body is busy focusing its energy on digesting the food that has been consumed. It is also because any inversions or sudden changes in direction may lead to food being regurgitated, something that is not healthy.

Yoga exercises should therefore be performed in between meal times. There are some yoga sequences that are actually used at specific times of the day. The sun salutation sequence, for example, is one that is performed in the morning. This sequence of poses is supposed to prepare the body for the day ahead. This is not to say that yoga will not work at any time of the day, even on a full stomach. However, the individual will feel a great deal of discomfort if he or she performs such poses when carrying undigested food in the stomach. Post meals, it is best to sit in the lotus pose or in any sitting pose where the body is still and not being stressed. This slows down blood flow to the legs, allowing the body to concentrate on the process of digestion.

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Yoga Poses To Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is often the most difficult fat to get rid of. Fat is stored in the body when the amount of food consumed exceeds the energy requirements of the body. Some amount of body fat is essential for good health because it provides the body with an energy backup in case of emergencies. Fat also provides bulk to the body which helps with the development of tissue.

Yoga is generally not used as a method to get rid of weight. Yoga instead focuses on improving the health of the body through improved circulation, improved respiration and improved muscle flexibility. However, if one performs a series of yoga sequences quickly, one will burn energy to the point where fat metabolism begins. One can also tone the stomach muscles using yoga poses. These will help to tighten any loose flab around the stomach. The mountain pose is one pose that can be used to tighten the stomach muscles. This pose is alternated between left and right side variations. One can also do the bridge pose by using the abdominal muscles as the lifting muscles. Either of these poses can be practiced by students who have basic or moderate yoga knowledge through practicing basic poses.

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Yoga exercises can help greatly in the reduction of belly fat and fat deposits in the body. There are several positions in the asanas which help in reduction of the belly fat with the twists and the elongations exercises in yoga.

A few asanas like pavan muktasana ( Breeze Pose ) and bhujangasana ( Cobra Pose ) helps in the reduction of the belly fat greatly. It enhances the ability to breathe of the individual and the surya namaskar ( Sun Salutation ) helps to provide exercise for the whole of the body and helps the stomach to be free of the fat while toning the body on the other hand. Surya namaskar helps to provide exercise to the spine and makes the limbs more flexible. It helps to provide the desired toning of the body and burns extra cholesterol deposited near the belly region of the humans.

Deep breath exercises help to burn the extra fats which are deposited in various organs of the body. It helps in reduction of the belly fat and also provides the lost zeal to the body. Stomach lifts up and down along with continuous breathing exercises show guaranteed results in short span of time.

Another asana of yoga called dhanurasana also helps in reduction of the fat deposits near the stomach region and it should be taken up on daily basis. One should be regular for yoga as it shows beneficial results when taken constantly over a period of time.

These asanas help to maintain the elasticity of the spine and provides strength to the back and the middle region of the body. It also provides relief from the back pain and at the same time also helps greatly in reduction of the fat deposits near the belly region.

The nerves which are pressed with the exercises helps in better circulation of the blood in various organs of the body. It also increases the metabolism rate of the human body. It helps to kill the effects of obesity and provides stamina and new zeal in the individual about life. Variety of breathing techniques helps to burn the extra cholesterol deposits in the body thereby reducing the fats.

Little control over the diet too is desired while one undertakes yoga and meditation exercises. Yoga exercises on one end and food rich in cholesterol on the other won't give the expected results. Hence, great care is desired for dietary intake which provides better results. This way, exercise along with diet control helps to reduce the belly and belly fat.

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