Healing Bad Posture with Yoga Poses

By pal | September 11, 2008
Yoga Poses To Remedy Bad Posture

Yoga has tremendous healing benefit for people with bad posture. It is considered as the best exercise to solve your bad posture problems. Yoga exercises help you strengthen your back muscles and so help in relieving back pains due to bad posture. The stretching and straightening exercise help a lot in building good posture and relieve back pain due to bad posture. Yoga is quite effective in treating bad posture conditions like sunken chest and scoliosis.

Breathing exercises help a lot in relieving the back pain due to bad posture. They should be done with proper technique. If not done properly they are not effective. Gentle breathing exercises like Gentle Kapalabhatti, Anuloma-Viloma and Ujjayi help a lot in treating back pain due to bad posture.

‘Iyenagar Yoga’ is the best-suited yoga for bad postures. This form has yoga has become quite popular globally and has helped millions to fight their bad posture and conditions like scoliosis. It is a slow paced yoga which helps to strengthen and tone neck, back, abdominal and back muscles. It helps a lot to alleviate the pain due to bad posture.

Balancing your body well with gravity is the beauty of yoga. The poses that require proper balancing of the body helps a lot in fighting back pain and getting a good posture. Knowing the position of concavity is good and helps one tailor the poses as per his own condition. Do poses that help to stretch out the concavity, strengthen the convexity and de-rotate the spine. Your instructor can help you tailor the poses and provide you with alternatives that meet your body’s posture and condition. Your body’s strength, flexibility and severity of your condition will be the key points to be kept in mind while tailoring the poses for you.

Useful Yoga Poses

Some of the useful poses to cure bad posture problems are Mountain pose, Cat- Cow stretch, the Supported Bridge pose, Passive Back arch, one leg up and one leg out, Seated twist, Crocodile twist and Supine Knee chest twist, Naukasana (Boat pose), Trikonasana (Triangle pose), Halasana(Plow Pose), Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)and Matsayasana (Fish Pose). Passive Back Arch pose is very helpful for people with scoliosis and sunken chest. Seated twist is good for thoracic twist. Joint freeing series of exercises are beneficial for people suffering from scoliosis with tight shoulder muscles. These all poses help in stretching and strengthening the back muscles and straightening the spine.

You can do the original poses or the alternatives that suit your body’s comfort and need. It is always good to practice it under some professional supervision.

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