Laya Yoga: A Path Of Total Absorption

By Patricia | November 11, 2008
Benefits Of Laya Yoga

Laya Yoga is the path of total ‘absorption’, a Shaivic Yoga practice based on one-pointedness of the mind with the help of specific techniques. It mainly consists of meditation upon any of the seven chakras to; ultimately, induce the Kundalini energy to arise. Kundalini energy is the name given to that serpentine power, lying coiled, literally like a serpent at the base of the spine, which, when unleashed, releases quantum’s of energy unimaginable by the human mind.

Laya Yoga consists of dissolving of all mental impressions that have amassed through a period of lifetimes. The end result is liberation of the mind from all impediments and barriers, limitations and confines, free from the bondage of all karmas and samskaras (accumulated impressions). The practice of Laya Yoga also sows the seeds of latent leanings or bent of mind to melt and then reconvert into primordial energy. It is for this reason that Laya Yoga is termed Yoga of absorption. It has to do with letting one’s lower nature be absorbed by higher, spiritual forces.

Laya Yoga lays stress and emphasis on practicing such forms of exercises as mantras, yantras, mudras and dayatas (meaning to say with sounds, shapes and gestures, signs and symbols. While mantras (chants and incantations) purify the speech organs, sense of hearing and the mind, mudra (shape) facilitates the flow of higher energies through each and every part of our body. Yantras (instruments) assist us in making contact with higher astral forces and spirits; so you may well understand that here the reference is to very subtle instruments.

The Yoga practices customarily associated with Laya Yoga include sitting in lotus pose (cross-legged), standing (like a tree), lying (Shavasana) and walking. Then there are right visualization, proper focus, right breath rhythm and prayer (chanting of mantras). All these form part of the practice. Laya Yoga also includes such dynamic practices as ‘transcendental runs’, very much like jogging. Then there is a practice called ‘water relaxation’ that consists of lying calmly in water with minimal movement. This is considered crucial for maintaining one's equipoise in every situation and is generally preceded or succeeded by session of intense purifying breath techniques.

Laya Yoga at is basically a mystical path, a pathway to oneness with the Godhead (or Soul-Awakening) through certain prescribed means, all of which lead to stimulating and awakening the Kundalini power. Chakra meditation and chakra therapy that are frequently are practiced in the West should are in consonance with Laya Yoga. Which is why, Kundalini Yoga is so popular in the West, today. Sadly, from the spiritual point of view, the Chakra therapy most often practised in the West, completely ignores the moral and ethical basis of Laya Yoga, without which, establishing connection with the Godhead is a near impossibility.

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