Half Moon Pose ( Ardha Chandrasana) for Strengthening Your Muscles

By Patricia | November 6, 2008
Half Moon Pose For Thighs & Ankles

In Yoga philosophy, nature plays an important role. The moon is known to have a cooling effect on the planet and all creatures, just as the sun has a heating impact. In like manner, the sun and the moon also symbolize the two extreme energies of the human body. Just as the earth exercises a gravitational force that we all feel, likewise, there are planetary influences that affect the earth and all its inhabitants like the earth has its own impact on others as is clearly demonstrated in the Indian philosophy of Jyotisha. This only goes to further augment the Yoga philosophy that we are all interconnected in creation.

There is no doubting the fact that the greatest influences on our planet and its denizens come from the sun and the moon. Little wonder then, that more than one asana has specifically been designed after the moon and its shapes. Here we discuss the Half Moon Pose.

  1. Start In Tadasansa (Mountain Pose)
  2. Now spread your feet 2 ½ to three feet apart and take your arms to your side. Now turn to your left, and rest your right hand on your hip.
  3. With a deep inhalation, fold your left leg, and move your right foot about ½ a foot to 1 foot forward along your Mat. Simultaneously, stretch your left hand forward, outside your left foot, as far as you can go.
  4. Now, with a deep exhalation, press your left hand and left foot firmly on the floor. Straighten your left leg and, at the same time, raise your right leg parallel to the floor.
  5. Twist your body to your right, but keeping moving a little in front. Don’t forget to keep your right hand on your right hip and your head neutral. Keep looking in front of you.
  6. Your body should be balancing fully on your standing leg. Now, using your hand to intelligently adjust your balance to press your palm lightly into your Yoga Mat. Raise the ankle of your left foot firmly up into your left groin.
  7. Hold this pose for as long as you can. About a half minute to one minute is adequate, with a deep exhalation, lower your right leg onto the floor.
  8. Repeat the pose on your right for approximately the same amount of time.


  • The Half Moon Pose helps strengthen the muscles of the ankles, abdomen, buttocks, spine and thighs.
  • It stretches the muscles of the calves, chest, groins, hamstrings, shoulders, and spine
  • It increases digestive capacity, enhances your co-ordination and sense of balance and helps relieve tension


  • The Half Moon Pose is best avoided in case you suffer from any neck problems. If you insist on doing it don't turn your head and look up. Continue gazing straight ahead of you keeping both sides of your neck evenly long.
  • The Half Moon Pose should also be avoided in cases of you suffer from headaches, migraines, low blood pressure and insomnia
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