Acupuncture Therapy for Dealing With Weight Loss

By Patricia | November 17, 2008
Acupuncture Therapy For Weight Loss

Do you battle with your weight? Do every slab of chocolate and every muffin settle down in the wrong place? Do you go on and off fitness regimes? Maybe all you need is an extra bit of motivation to keep you focused on your weight loss regime. Sometimes that added impetus can make all the difference. It helps bring on discipline and strengthens will power. If you are looking for such option, try giving acupuncture therapy a shot.

When Was Acupuncture Originated

Acupuncture was originated in China more than 2,000 years ago. Today, it is a highly sought after therapeutic practice in the world of modern medicine. It is especially recommended as a complimentary treatment to manage chronic pain, stress, and addiction. It is also helpful in dealing with weight loss. The practice of acupuncture involves inserting and manipulating very thin needles into specific points on the skin in order to stimulate the energy that flows through the body.

How Is Acupuncture Therapy Helpful

It is important to realize that acupuncture is not a substitute for exercise. Acupuncture therapy can help you make head way in your weight loss program. It keeps you focused and motivated. Through sessions of acupuncture you can correct metabolic imbalances and also control appetite. Acupuncture also helps relieve stress and anxiety, which in turn puts a lid on emotional eating. In addition, acupuncture also improves overall health.

On your first visit to the acupuncturist, be ready to answer a series of questions. Some may seem irrelevant, others may even seem out of place, but be sure to be truthful; your answers will help identify root problem responsible for your weight gain, which this in turn will determine your treatment plan.

Once a plan has been chalked out, the acupuncturist will proceed to insert and manipulate needles along strategic points on the body. In the case of weight loss, these points may lie around the stomach, mouth, and thyroid. Acupuncture results in the release of endorphins in the body. These hormones help control appetite and craving. They also help reduce stress and anxiety, which controls the need to eat emotionally. Through acupuncture, your nervous system and metabolic processes also receive a boost.

Acupuncture makes the path to your ultimate goal a little easier. It is a natural treatment, and does not depend on medication or dieting of any kind. Be sure to seek out a certified acupuncturist while undertaking treatment. Also it is best to combine acupuncture therapy with lots of exercise and a healthy diet for optimum weight loss.

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