Vaginal Dryness Causes And Lubricant

By Patricia | November 5, 2009

Vaginal dryness is a problem that quite a few women experience in their lifetimes and can be a source of much pain and distress as well as being an impediment to a healthy sexual life. The causes for vaginal dryness lie in inadequate stimulation before sexual intercourse, drugs like antihistamines, oral contraception, and even diseases like diabetes. A problem of vaginal dryness should be looked into by your gynecologist, as this could also be related to your hormone levels and could have implications for your general reproductive health.

Intercourse And Lubricant

A general lack of interest in sexual activity or a lack of arousal is usually the predominant reason for vaginal dryness. The glands that are responsible for secretions of fluids are the tissues deep in the vagina. There are two other glands at the entrance to the vagina called the Bartholin’s gland and Skene’s gland that secrete fluids but are not connected in to vaginal dryness. If this problem has recently occurred, then you might want to try out some different techniques to ensure proper vaginal lubrication. Foreplay can never be underestimated. Unlike men, women need a lot more in terms of foreplay not just to be in an aroused state for sexual intercourse but also to adequately lubricate them for the act. In this respect, there are many techniques to stimulate one but the most important aspect lies in indulging a bit in one’s fantasies. Take a vacation with that special person and plan to focus all your energies on being with that person. Just the act of being with the person you are attracted to will start to induce feelings of arousal in you. The act of foreplay is in itself quite pleasurable and one must remember that orgasm is not necessarily the end objective of an enjoyable sexual experience. This is one of those cases of the journey being more important than the destination.

Estrogen And Vaginal Dryness

Having stated some root causes, you should try and get a hold of some artificial lubricants to help you out. The most famous personal lubricant comes in the form of a jelly that can be applied before penetration. Temperature stimulation is also important and a warm bath before sexual intercourse could be helpful. Increased estrogen levels could also play a part in ensuring adequate lubrication from the point of view of the hormonal changes during ovulation; therefore, increase your intake of almonds and nuts ,as these contain copious quantities of phytoestrogen – a plant estrogen.

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