Benefits and Steps of Apaan Mudra

Mudras are also known as Yoga of the hands. These hand gestures help to channel the flow of energy through the body. They also help in balancing the five elements inside the body.

The Apaan Mudra is also known as the purification mudra. It helps to increase the balance of the elements of space and earth within the body.


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The Apaan Mudra is a relatively simple mudra. You can easily perform it by following these steps of Apaan Mudra:

  1. Stand or sit up straight.
  2. Bring your hands in front of you and bend the middle and ring finger and thumb so that their tips touch each other.
  3. Your index and little finger should be pointing straight.
  4. The Apaan Mudra is usually performed with both hands.

    The Mudra should be held for at least 30 minutes. You can also divide it into three session of 10 to 15 minutes each.


  • One of the most important benefits of the Apaan Mudra is its ability to purify the body.
  • This mudra helps the body get rid of unwanted toxins and is also helpful in dealing with constipation, flatulence, anuria, and absence of sweat.
  • It is also said to be useful during childbirth in case there is a delay in child birth.
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