Benefits and Steps of Shunya Mudra

Mudras are hand gestures that have developed and been used in ancient India for a long time. They are an intrinsic part of yogic healing. Mudras are said to work by redirecting the balance of the five elements in the body.

The word Shunya means zero or sky in Sanskrit. This Shunya Mudra or Sky Mudra is supposed to work on the basic element of ether that permeates all space.


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  1. Bend the middle finger so that its tip rests on the mound of your thumb.
  2. Bend your thumb until it presses lightly on the middle finger. All other fingers should point straight up to the sky.
  3. This Mudra can be performed for 45 minutes every day or can be performed in three sessions of 15 minutes each.
  4. The Shunya Mudra is usually performed with both hands.


  • There are a number of benefits of performing the Shunya Mudra.
  • This is an excellent Mudra for dealing with all hearing related problems.
  • It can be used to treat earaches, ringing noises in the ears, and partial or complete deafness.
  • It can also help you overcome travel sickness or vertigo.
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