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(September 5, 2010)

i practise yoga on my own after i read it from a book.i have a doubt that incase if i do any thing wrong like (eg

Yoga has become increasing popular all across the globe, including the countries in the West like the US or the UK. This is because there are numerous health benefits that are associated with the ancient science of Yoga. It is not longer used just as a way to relax by people. Several health experts have also become aware of the positive effect of yoga practices on the mind, body and spirit. Therefore, Yoga has become a regular feature in several recovery, rehabilitation and weight loss programs. The effects of yoga can be extremely beneficial, but if not practiced correctly or with proper guidance the effects of yoga can be quite undesirable and could put you at risk of serious injury.

Therefore, ever since yoga has become popular, there are several yoga studios and classes that have come up everywhere. These studios are a great way of learning yoga for beginners as well as taking up advanced yoga classes. However, there are several people who do not find it possible to join classes due to time or financial constraints. In such cases, it is possible to learn Yoga from CDs, DVDs or online interactive resources. Most of these sources contain detailed instructions on how the pose needs to be performed, as well as the breathing technique that should be practiced. People who have only such resources as a source of guidance should study the resource and pay attention to the minutest details, before practicing the exercise. In case a pose or a posture is practiced incorrectly, or the right breathing technique is not followed, it could lead to a severe physical injury or can have other harmful effects on the health.

There are several books on Yoga too, that can help beginners with various yoga poses and postures. However, learning yoga through these books may be a bit dangerous, without the guidance and help of a professional.

Effect of yoga on the body
There can be a positive effect of yoga on asthma, other breathing conditions, diabetes, blood pressure, stress and so on.  However, the beneficial effect of yoga can be negated completely if the exercises are practiced incorrectly. Therefore, beginners should always be advised to start with classes at a professional studio. Classes and instructors can stop you in case you are going wrong somewhere, thereby preventing the possibility of a serious injury.

While you may find it easier to learn yoga with the help of a book, there are many risks that are associated with it. What you can do is take up yoga classes for a short while and learn the basics through a professional instructor. Once you attain a certain level of mastery, you can resort to CDs, DVDs, Online resources or even Books to keep the practice going.

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Benefits of Yoga 

Breathing pattern is very important even if you are doing a simplest pose in yoga. Breathing determines how effective a particular pose can be and also helps in concentration. Reading and practicing yoga can be good, but sometimes some contraindications are associated with each pose, that is when a particular pose is not done in a correct manner then it can cause some muscle tear. For example cobra pose – if you bend back more than desired or in a manner which is not comfortable for you, you can get a back injury, headache or carpel tunnel syndrome. Also this is contraindicated in pregnancy. So all the pose has their respective benefits but cautions and contraindications are also attached with them. Certain poses are not recommended if you have high blood pressure or if you suffer from asthma or any heart diseases. A good source will generally provide all the information related to a particular pose like where to breathe, where to exhale, good for which condition or not recommended for which condition. It would be wise to consult a certified yoga teacher and learn few basic lessons from her before starting any regime, especially if you are not confident for the manner in which you practice. 

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