Jazz up your yoga class

Submitted by shopie on February 26, 2013

Just like when starting out a new venture or mission, you feel excited and a motivated, you usually start with a yoga class with great enthusiasm. You look forward to your next class and diligently practice the asanas. Over time, however, you might start to get a little bored of the routine. The yoga poses you do might not be challenging anymore.


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So how can you keep enthused about your yoga classes? Here are a few simple tips you could follow when your yoga class starts to get boring.

Concentrate on the music

While it is important to listen carefully for your trainer’s cues, it is also vital that you stay in tempo and pick your own personal breaks to concentrate on the music and to find your own motivation.

For example, if your trainer is repeating the same cue, take a break and concentrate on the lyrics of the song to motivate yourself.

Take energy from others

Your trainer could be showing you a new pose or technique, but if they aren’t, take the time to look at the other students in the class and draw in some positive energy from them. Every now and then, observing someone else’s strength and positive energy could drive you to want to improve yourself and to correct any poses that you are doing wrong just by watching them. So make sure that you look at the advanced students in your class in order to motivate yourself.

Set a goal

Setting a target for oneself could motivate you to do better. When your teacher is boring and you have no energy or motivation to listen to them, think of some event for which you want to look good or feel good about yourself. Setting a goal usually tends to motivate you further and for you to get the best out of your yoga routine. Make sure that you stay focused and that you are proactive in class.

If none of these methods work, you could shift to an advanced class, learn more advanced poses, change your yoga gear into suitable clothing, or try out the yoga poses by yourself at home. Sometimes, a small change could change your perspective and benefit you. Try not to criticize your group. If you are genuinely bored, change your class and find a suitable class that fits your requirements. If that doesn’t work, perhaps yoga is simply not for you and you could try other exercise alternatives.


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