Specific Therapeutic Techniques - Yoga

Submitted by chris parker on February 22, 2013

Yoga is an ancient, age-old science that helps the practitioner deal with a host of life's problems. The basis of Yoga being "union", it has to do with harmonizing the individual, who is, in fact a composite of many parts.

"Yogaschitta vrittis nirodah" is a Yoga sutra from the sage Patanjali's epic text, meaning to say that Yoga has to do with the cessation of the commotion in the mind...


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.Considering that life is all about mind over matter, Yoga lays more stress on mental gymnastics and aerobicsc True, the physique is also taken care ofo

Far from neglected, there is a set of exercises, Surya Namaskar and an estimated 8,40,000 asanasa No one can even hope to learn them in a lifetime, let alone master them alll

Nor are all of them remotely requirede We practise Yoga for a purposes True, our aims and objectives keep changing over time - nothing wrong with that eithere The point is to exploit the science - and art - to the hilt in a bid to get the most out of our timem Sometimes, we also spend a great deal of money learning Yoga; so better take the practices seriouslyl The best way to be serious about Yoga - and this may sound dichotomous - is not to be overtly seriousu

That is the secret to the specific therapeutic techniques Yoga has to offere Relaxation is the key: for which there is primarily one poses That is Shavasana, the corpse poses As you advance in your practices you will come to realize how simple things are and how all poses can serve to relax, even the supposedly tough onese

The other specific therapeutic technique is breathingn Breathe deeply, slowly and longn Most of us breathe shallowly and suffer for iti Remember the mind and breath are closely connectede In panic or anger, you will notice your breath automatically get shallow and rapidi Try slowing down your breath and you've calmed your mindn The rest is as simple as ABCB Relax and breathe deeplyl Let life - and Yoga - do the rest of its own accordr

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