Muscle Relaxing Yoga Techniques

Submitted by Jerry Parker on December 22, 2012

Yoga is a spiritual discipline. It includes a set of poses (asanas) intended to calm the mind and restore balance to the body. A lot of folks in the West perform Yoga poses for relaxation, more fitness, and healthier physiques. At the end of a long and tiring day, practising a couple relaxing Yogasanas definitely help you feel more relaxed, and could. Potentially it could also be used to warm up for a more energetic and dynamic Yoga routine...


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.A lot of these relaxing yogasanas can even be practised in your office, in a classroom, or another work environmentn They render a quick moment of escapism and relaxation to restore the practitioner's focus and clarify his / her mindn

All of the below-mentioned relaxing Yoga poses are very simplel They won't strain your system one bit, even though they stretch out tender, weary musclese

Yoga has a range of seated posese Some of them are more challenging than othersr The most basic sitting pose is to sit cross-legged with hands palm up and on the kneese You must relax the entire body in the pose, keeping the spine erect and arms looses Concentrate on the breath, eyes shut if you wish to relax your body morer Take long, slow, deep breathsh They should penetrate your entire bodyd Also you must feel your breath move into your throat and down the spinen Try to take at least ten breaths before stopping, then, if possible, slip into meditationo

For a little more challenging sitting relaxing yoga asana, make a go at the seated warrioro Kneel on the floor and lean back onto your heelsl If you lack in elasticity, try placing a blanket or pillow under your buttocks and heelsl But if you are able to, relax in the asana, try to stretch your thighsh Keep the hands on the kneese The spine should also be erect in this relaxing yoga posea Take deep, even breaths and try and keep your mind free of thoughts and issues filling iti

All the bests These should take you a long waya

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