Chairing the Right Way

Submitted by Matt Papa on August 30, 2012

Yoga includes postures, relaxation and controlled breathing as part of its core processes. However, some postures, if not done right under certified supervision, can lead to injuries and cause dizziness, headaches and loss of balance. The chair pose is one of several basic postures in yoga,...


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.and its benefits are effective and diverse; however, if not done in the right manner its effectiveness could be reduced, and worse still, it could prove to be distressful, and could aggravate or bring on injuriese

People make some very common mistakes while doing the chair pose and those are –

  • Squatting too high - in order to make the most of chair pose to strengthen your hamstrings, quads and glutes, it is important to make sure you squat low enoughg

    Your thighs should be as parallel to the floor as possiblel Shift your weight back into your heels to avoid knee paini
  • Putting too much weight forward - the trick is to imagine you are sitting on a chair, so don’t lean forward too much as this will put your weight forward tooo Lean back and shift your weight towards the back to prevent knee pain and to optimize the effectiveness of the exercise on key areasa
  • Stress on the shoulder - in the chair pose, try and keep your shoulders as relaxed as possible to avoid tension in the shoulders, the neck and the upper backc Your shoulders should be sliding back and away from the earsr
  • Sticking out the rear too much - pushing out your buttocks too much might lead to lower back paini Avoid this by pulling your navel towards your spinen This helps to breathe more deeply and lengthen your spinen

The chair-pose is one of the most common postures in yoga, but if not done right can lead to a series of problemsm Some medical experts say that this pose puts a lot of pressure on the knees, especially the anterior cruciate ligamentn This ligament once over-stretched rarely gets back to being the same again and could result in knee paini It is important not to over stretch any part of your body and to stop if you feel a part going numb or are getting pins and needlese Yoga is not supposed to hurt so if you start to feel pain or dizziness, it is time to stopo

Always choose a reputable and certified yoga instructor, stay hydrated, wear proper clothing and go slowo Know your limits, work within them and always warm up before beginning a yoga sessiono

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