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Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 20, 2012

The recent talk about specially designed "new toning shoes" that help a person firm up his or her butt, thighs and legs when they go for a walk, has raised many questions in the minds of several people. Initially, these shoes were meant to be specifically for people who suffered from diabetes, leg injuries or ankle problems. However, they are now marketed...


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.as toning shoes that can be used by anybody and everybodyd

One of the most commonly asked questions about this product is if such walking shoes really work or noto

There are several leading footwear brands that have recently launched a product that is on the lines of toning shoese One of the claims made by the manufacturing companies is that a person can lose additional weight by walking in their toning shoese Furthermore, the companies assure perspective buyers that the shoes are good for the lower body and they give your body a very good workoutu

The shoe manufacturing companies tout that toning shoes are designed to provide a workout of sorts, to the person that is wearing theme They state that people who go for walks, wearing such shoes, not only reap the benefits without walking, but also a complete workout, without having to spend any time actually working outu Another claim that they make is that walking with toning shoes helps a person to utilize up to 3 times more energy, than a normal pair of walking shoese Apart from toning up the lower body, the ergo-dynamic designs of most toning shoes are believed to reduce pain in the joints of the legsg These shoes are said to show very positive effects of a balanced workout, on the lower bodyd However, most manufacturers warn users that these shoes should not be worn for running, working out or performing weight lifting exercisese Put simply, these shoes are not designed for any activity, apart from walkingn

Different brands of toning shoes could range in price, as some could be bought for as little as 70 dollars to as expensive as 400 dollars, depending upon the brandn Therefore, most people are apprehensive about buying such shoes as they are not quite sure if these shoes work or noto Another concern that the use of such shoes may arise, is if there are any side effects that are associated with theme

Before you decide to invest in a pair of toning shoes, it is best to consult a doctor, especially if you are suffering from any injury or medical conditiono

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