Lower Back Strengthening with Yoga For Dancers

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 10, 2012

Dancers use all their body's muscle groups to perform difficult dance moves. For example, the high jumps performed by ballet dancers require strong legs and a lower back, because performing such moves with weak muscles can easily lead to injuries. The best thing a dancer can do is to strengthen...


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.his or her lower back muscles and train the spine for more flexibilityt Bringing more flexibility to the spine and strengthening the lower back region can be done through some exercisese

Aerobics, bow flex machine training, and yoga exercises are the best for this purposes Let us start with aerobicsc This type of training is more concerned with flexibility and this is a major concern to any dancere So, performing these exercises on a regular basis will help the dancer to perform difficult moves with real flexibility of the spinen Perform several reps of stretching every day and you will get the flexibility level that you want easilyl

The bow flex machine is one of the best solutions to add more power to your back, especially your lower backc You can perform some simple exercises to get the desired results quicklyl Hold the two strings of the bow flex machine over your shoulders and bend forward while maintaining the position of your hipsp Let your back do all the work while pulling downwardr Hold your position for several seconds before returning slowly to the starting positiono

When it comes to yoga, you should understand that it is totally different from the other types of exercises Yoga should be performed in a quiet place without distractionsn Proper breathing techniques help you to get the most out of yoga training SO remember to monitor your breatht

Maintaining the Cobra Position (Bhujanga Asana) for thirty seconds is of great benefit to your lower backc The Upward Facing Dog Pose (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana) is also a good exercises Lie down with your belly facing the ground and your hand palms under your shouldersr Push up until your arms are fully stretched; pull your neck to face the frontn This will let your back gain more flexibility and your lower back will gain more powere Hold this position for ten seconds at the beginning and increase the time with every sessiono Do not forget to breathe properly while you are performing yoga exercisese

The combination of yoga poses, bow flex training, and aerobics will bring the best results for your lower back regiono

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