How can Ayurveda Oils enhance your wellbeing?

Ayurveda is an ancient school of alternate medicine where herbs and oils balance the imbalances in the body, helping the body rid itself of the illness or pain. Ayurveda relies on herbs and oils to create the balance.

While herbs are either ingested or applied like a pack, there are also oils that used with the herbs for better and long lasting results.


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But how can Ayurveda oils enhance your wellbeing, you might wonder. Using these herb-infused oils, the imbalances and potentially illness-causing factors are eliminated or reduced. These oils help create a general sense of calm and peace. Massages and applications of these oils help create positive energy that can give you confidence to tackle any difficult day or situation.

Once an Ayurvedic massage starts, your nervous system slowly relaxes, and allows the body to release its tension. This flow slowly increases your sense of goodwill. This motion makes it a very effective treatment for people who suffer from chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, joint and muscle pain, chronic fatigue, or even anxiety and stress.It’s even possible to perform a self-massage daily so that you are not entirely dependent on a masseuse. Self-massage in Ayurveda is called abhyanga. This form of massage involves massaging yourself with oil before you have a bath or a shower. This massage sooths your nervous system and improves your circulation, thereby even improving your metabolism.

You can massage yourself using sesame oil or coconut oil. These oils also correct imbalances in your body based on your elements. The best time for this type of massage is before your morning bath. If you do not have time for a complete massage in the morning, massage your head, the soles of the feet and your ears. You could also perform this massage before your sleeping routine. It’s extremely relaxing and can help you sleep better, thus enabling you to stick to your daily schedule.

Abhyanga can balance the endocrine system, rejuvenate skin, lubricate joints, improve health of skin, calm your nervous system and tends to sharpen your senses. Such massages are done perfectly well with base oils like coconut, sesame or even almond. But occasionally you might want to even try herb-based oils for massages. There are many places (online and off line) where you can purchase infused oils. But you can also make your own Ayurvedic oils.

How to make ayurvedic oils

To concoct correct and effective massage oils, you need to first identify the correct element or dosha that needs balancing. For Vatta, try sesame oil as the base oil; for pitta, coconut oil works very well and for kapha, olive or mustard olive works best. To these base oils, you can also add herbs and other essential oils for chronic problems.

Once you identify the herbs needed to prepare your massage oil, gently heat the herbs with the oil on low heat. The longer you heat this mixture, the more nutritive your oil turns. Once done, strain the oil through cheesecloth or a fine muslin cloth and use the oil.

Herbs need to be added properly and proportionately. If you aren’t sure about the right mixture, you can purchase readymade oils. If you are confident of the quality of ingredients, get a professional’s help to make your oil mixture. Oils can be used to treat any condition - from psoriasis, to eczema, to rheumatism and even stress and pain. The added advantage of an ayurvedic oil massage is that the more frequently you do so, the better and long lasting your results will be.

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