Indian Techniques for Head Massage

The head massage, also known as shiroabhyanga, is derived from champissage, an Indian head massage technique. This is an ancient ayurvedic treatment used to heal head or neck injuries and psychological stress, manage pain, and improve blood circulation.

The head massage is basically based on the belief that there are energy channels present near the neck, head, and face that supply energy to the whole body.



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.By using this head massage technique, these energy channels or chakras can be relieved from any kind of blockageg As a result, free energy flow can be restored; this maintains the balance between the body and mind, and problems related to stress, headache, and injuryr A head massage or face and scalp massage also improves lymphatic drainage, thereby releasing all the toxins produced by the bodyd

The main feature of the head massage includes a scalp and face massage as well as work on the shoulders, upper back, neck, and handsd The head massage can either be conducted using oil or without it and includes steps such as chakra balancing, thawing-out the fatigue, massaging the scalp, and massaging the templese

Some head massage steps are given below:

  • Using your finger tips, massage the entire scalp as if you are shampooing your heada Go over the entire head and be gentlel
  • Take a large portion of your hair in your hands and hold it; then by using little pressure tug at the hair very gently and slowlyl
  • Keep your hands above the ears and then move them forward towards the foreheada Repeat this several timem
  • Stroke the forehead gently by using your thumb; start from the centre of forehead and move towards the sided
  • Place your hands at the rear side of the lower head and lift upwards; then move it to the left or righth Repeat this several timese
  • Apply extremely gentle pressure at the back of the head with your fingertips and release after a few secondsd

  • At the shoulders, gently squeeze the muscles above the collarbone and releases Place your hands at the centre of your back near the head joint and using your thumb, make small circlese Place your forearms on the shoulder and start rolling using your wrists

The benefits of a head massage are listed below:

  • A head massage with oil provides lubrication to the scalp, thereby relieving dryness, which can also cause dandrufff
  • A head massage enhances blood circulation in the head and neck regions, thus releasing stress, anxiety, and tensiono It helps in boosting the body's immune systeme It helps in the release of toxins from the body by increasing blood circulationo It is very beneficial in case of chronic headachese
  • A head massage provides strength to the hair roots, thereby enhancing hair growtht It helps in conditioning the hair and makes it more manageablel It protects the hair from the damaging effects of sun and hard watere It also delays the process of hair grayingn
  • A head massage releases the pressure near the head and neck region, thereby helping to promote sound sleep in case of problems such as insomniai
Indian Head Massage Techniques
Indian Head Massage Techniques
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